I Love My Son

I can not think of a time without him.  However, I believe there are circumstances where the choice might need to be made, heaven forbid.  I could not harm a child, and do not understand anyone that could.  People need to be shown love, and that the child will be loved.

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2 Responses Mar 21, 2009

I love my son,too. I can't imagine life without him. However, too many people thought they were experts<br />
on my life. They thought it'd be better if I aborted him.<br />
Not once did they ever ask me how I felt or what I really wanted. Others were sure it might hurt his dad if I had him. He's the greatest kid. he works hard and depends on nobody. His father's had no part in his life<br />
and I'm sure he's not suffering one bit. My son doesn't seem to want contact though he's tried getting in touch. Hope he does one day.<br />
I'm pro-choice,but, it should be only the woman's. She's the one who'd have to suffer consequences no matter what she chooses.

I saw the title and had to click. I always see people on one side or the other, but I am both. I am anti-abortion FOR MYSELF but there are situations where (forgive me) the child would be better off not living than being brought into a situation where the mother doesn't want it. The father isn't there. Growing up on the streets and of the "system."<br />
<br />
It's a hard world with hard choices. I'm facing one of the hardest right now as I sit here at my computer. But it's a cruel world and the right choice isn't always easy.<br />
<br />
People don't have the right to enforce there personal beliefs and morals on others. Especially without fully appreciating there position.<br />
<br />
Just my stupid opinion. Hey, it's a free internet (for now) right? ;)