I dont think I can say I'm Pro Choice... But I do believe we has human should be able to pick and decide what we want to do with are lifes... weather its for the best or worse... Jesus gave us that opinion to decide for are selfs... but also a guide to follow... I would never have an abortion because I believe all things happen for a reason... No matter how GOOD or how BAD... Every choice we make has and outcome that will affect someone or something... Its just like the domino effect...

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Yes Yes Yes... Totally agreed... ALL life is sooo very precious and valuable... Many of people want kids...

I believe that even an unborn childs life is precious and shouldnt simply be snuffed out. If you dont want the child, then give it up for adoption. many people cant have children and would love a chance to raise a newborn child that they adopted. but please, for the love of God and his son who died for our sins, please dont snuff it out. Give it a chance to live, be it with you or someone else.

I totally agree with that... Smokeseek... Well put... :)<br />
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Thnks B1993

I 100% agree with you on that one =]

oh I'll have to write when I get back from work tonight...

I have always been pro-choice, my choice is for life. I can not and will not force my views on anyone This is a highly personal issue. . There may be circumstance where one choice is better than the other. It's not up to me to decide. It's up to the individual, and if they are religious people, it's b/t them and their God. I don't think the government should have a say in it either way. We need less government, not more. It's up to adults to impress upon our children the social mores we wish them to have.

Well DD I just mean are actions always has an effect... What we do today effects tomorrow... and the next person... and so on and so forth... How ppl are raised, what they want out of live... we can twist and turn on a crazy road sometimes ppl find there way... sometimes they just keep goin...<br />
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NGM... We're on the same page... :)

I feel the same way. I dont think we(individuals, groups or government) should have a say about what we people do with our bodies. It is up to us, our doctors(who should also have a choice to perform it or not) and the god you worship.

MysticBeauty, when you state - "Its just like the domino effect..." are you refering to our lack of sex ed. in schools resulting in more young girls getting pg?...DD