I Used to Be 100% Pro Choice, But Not So Much Anymore

My faith in my fellow women to make good decisions has been broken. I used to belive without a doubt that abortions were rare and a hard decision. I used to believe it only happened to women who were raped or the condom broke. Thats before I really looked into abortion. Women are having abortions as a form of birth control. This makes me sick to my stomach. I know there are women out there who have been raped and my heart goes out to them. To the rest of these women though where is the personal responsibility? The heart of a baby starts beating 22 days after conception. To me before that it's just a few cells multiplying, but after the heart has formed it's alive. Have you ever heard of anything non-living with a heartbeat? The only reason lately I can find to be pro-choice is for the health of women having abortions. Although they are essentially stopping somethings heart from beating, I don't think they deserve to die from sepsis from a dirty coat hanger. Women should know they are ending a life. Those cells turn into fingers, nose, toes, heart, and lungs pretty fast. If you are having an abortion after that heart starts beating then I hope thats something you can live with. I also hope that women who use abortion as birth control are someday held accountable somehow. Condoms are cheap. Birth control still pretty cheap. I am sexually active and have used protection for years and have never had an Oops. I still can't believe with the number of abortions performed every year that they are Opps the condom broke. Women are being irresponsible with their bodies. Whats sad is they don't seem to care because they do it over and over again.

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Did you ever consider the fact that women have abortions not because they want to;but; it's because<br />
that's what others want. They are often pressured,coerced or blackmailed till they do? Many who have refused have been assaulted and killed. Was that<br />
a free choice? This is mainly result of legal abortion.<br />
Many people who were pregnant from rape felt<br />
twice violated after abortion. They felt used and abused and weren't given a chance to alternatives.<br />
I knew 2 women who had children from rape. They<br />
didn't love them any less than their other children. They were still part of them.

Thank you =). How have you been blue?

I admire you for posting your views on this subject.<br />
This is one of those issues that can't be discussed as adult in many cases. I hope your post remains a discussion and not one who receives attacks for your views.