Why Do People Think This Group Is Confusing?

I'm always amazed when people cannot seem to understand how someone can be pro-choice and anti-abortion. It is not just a play on words or a game of semantics. Let me be make this clear: 

Being pro-choice doesn't make you a fan of abortions. In fact, there is an entire platform of ideas that go along with being pro-choice which actively work at reducing the number of abortions. If a person is pro-choice, it is extremely likely that they also support: comprehensive sex education, easy access to forms of birth control, easy access to family planning, state and federal aid for single mothers, and increasing accessibility of healthcare to all. Every one of these stances work towards reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies and therefore work to reduce the number of women who are forced into the difficult position of making that choice.

Being pro-life has its own affiliated ideas. Most pro-lifers are very religious, and so they don't support comprehensive sex ed and access to contraceptives, since sex outside of marriage is viewed as "sinful" and they don't want to "promote" teenage sexuality. They support abstinence-only programs which are proven failures. They oppose and demonize state and federal aid such as welfare and food stamps. They oppose universal health care. Every one of these stances will end up increasing the number of uneducated mothers with unwanted babies, who lack the means to take care of their babies and access to healthcare for them, thereby pushing them towards choosing abortions.

Anyone that is pro-choice should want to do everything possible to reduce their frequency.

Legal, but rare.

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that whole notion is a contradiction...rationalize it all you want...but you cant be pro choice(meaning a woman's right to choose) and anti abortion....

Yes you can, I am anti abortion. If you're screwing around with a guy and get pregnant by accident, you should not abort the baby. You shouldn't kill the baby for a mistake you made or just because you don't want it. But I am also pro-choice: If a woman is carry a baby and there is something wrong with it that will cause both the mother and baby to die, then abortion is a good choice, because the baby will end up dying either way or die very shortly after birth.

This is such a silly group and an even sillier post. I know this was written last year but I'm just finding it now and it kind of made me laugh. Pro-choice, which can be defined as many things, does NOT mean what you stated, "If a person is pro-choice, it is extremely likely that they also support: comprehensive sex education, easy access to forms of birth control, easy access to family planning, state and federal aid for single mothers, and increasing accessibility of healthcare to all."<br />
<br />
Pro-choice refers to a woman's choice to have or not have an abortion... not the above. Saying pro-choice can be defined as meaning easy access to birth control is just silly because the term "pro-choice" was created in regards to a woman's right to do as she pleases with her fetus.

Try reading the quote of mine you just posted, I didn't say that was the definition of pro-choice, I said it was "extremely likely" that they support those other things. Which is true. It's a generalization, the same way that saying democrats tend to be pro-choice and republicans tend to be pro-life. There are lots of exceptions, but that doesn't discredit the fact that the overwhelming majority of democrats really are pro choice and the overwhelming majority of republicans are pro life. Does that help you understand correlation and generalizations?

be pro choice about abortion, it's like be pro choice about rape, it's like say that you are not a fan about rape however you will never tell to a rapist what to do. There is never justification for the homicide of an innocent human being. A zigote an embryo or a fetus are humans in diferent stages of development before birth. Just like a kid, a teen or an adult are humans in diferent stages of development after birth. any comparison of an unborn with an ***** and egg or any other part of the human body are wrong and are pure mental speculation , neither is a parasite <br />
http://www.l4l.org/library/notparas.html . It's hilarious how many people say that i'm trying to force my beliefs to them. But they can force their beliefs to the unborn. Abortion is the homicide of a child by a doctor with the consent of the mother

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I provided the tip that led to the arrest and conviction of James Kopp, who shot three Canadian doctors before shooting and killing an American doctor. Kopp is an anti-abortion fanatic who targeted the doctors because they were performing abortions.<br />
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t here...

LEGALLY A fetus is not a person, or a baby so aborting it is no crime.<br />
But i am totally with Sara, shes just saying it a little harsher. A womans body is something she cant escape, and whether or not she was raped, i think she should be able to abort. I know, put it up for adoption, we can all say that, but if i am going to go through 9 months of carrying a child and then give birth to her.. i wouldnt be able to give her up. And then the same people who are saying pro-life are going to give me dirty looks in the supermarket because im a whatever aged girl with a baby.<br />
If youre nto ready youre not ready, and no one should be able to tell you what you should and should not do.<br />
THAT BEING SAID if you get pregnant accidentally now-a-days... you didnt try hard enough not to. I know one time i had a scare WHILE ON THE PILL AND I USED SPERMICIDE I ended up taking plan B as well... <br />
Come on though... my body, my life, my future, my decision

Ya, the assumption from pro-lifers that pro-choice means I love abortions... that gets old real quick. Especially when my wife is 22 weeks pregnant and I could not imagine aborting after the ultrasound DVD we got and the pictures....you summed it up well, Lacey.

That is about as sick and cruel as it gets.

Gezuzzzz. I just stumbled on this article. How sick can people get?<br />

I agree with this story and Jojo's comment.

And since i don't believe in "God" I would not be playing "God"<br />
It's my body, my decision. It's biology...pure and simple

OK, Jojo, we totally agree. And Krypton too. Of course I want education and birth control I personally used birth control from before I lost my virginity. But birth control is not perfect. Also a woman could change her mind. Or be raped. IT DOESN'T MATTER. We agree. It is her body, her decision. No, I do NOT give the "father" the right to make this decision for her or to have a say in it. It is HER body, it is HER decision.<br />
<br />
<br />
And that fetus is NOT, in my opinion, a baby. It is a fetus.

I am with ST on all of this. I don't care about the cause, the reasoning, nor the fathers rights. I think that any medical procedure sucks and it would be best to take all steps to prevent any of them. In regards to the fathers rights. He has a right to not have sex knowing that she could get pregnant. For me personally, it is better to discuss your view on these things before you have sex. See it really does all come down to education and communication.

I have to agree with something i read the other day though, its not just your body, there is also a baby in your body, so your decision is also deciding for the embryo.<br />
<br />
a human embryo is the earliest stage of development while a fetus is from the eighth week of development to birth. In a sense you are playing God deciding that childs life. That is my opinion but its still fair to say that for me I am anti-abortion and pro choice, your choices are not mine to make nor the governments, and that's why I am also anit-abortion and pro-choice.<br />
<br />
I will make my view known though so as to see a different perspective, not to offend anyone and their choices.

Oh and about a man's rights. I believe that since it is my body, It would ultimately be my choice. I don't believe I should be forced to carry a baby to term if I didn't want to.<br />
<br />
What if the baby wasn't yours, you just thought it was?

I should have said it better than that. Saratoga, I agree with you 100% It's your body and you should have the right to decide, not questions asked. However, if the proper education and funding were enacted, one would hope that you wouldn't have the unwanted pregnancy in the first place.<br />
Abortion should be legal, abortion should be safe, abortion should be YOUR CHOICE but with the proper things in place such as education and birth control, we could hope the need for abortions would be RARE. I believe in a woman's right to choose 100%.

I don't think that's what Jojo meant by require, but that's just my reading of it.

Sorry Jojo, I'm gunna split hairs with your answer too. I don't care whether a woman's medical condition "requires" one or not! If she wants one, she should be able to have one. It's her body, her life, her decision.

Yes, Saratoga, it should be your choice, it's your body. Ultimately, if your educated, you would be on birth control of some type and therefore the "RARE" but if you should require one, it should be safe and legal.

gettinby - another good question. Perhaps it would turn into a reverse-custody case where the father was fighting for all parental rights to be granted to the mother. I'm not sure how common such occurences are, but I'll have to look into it and think about it and comment later.

I'm agreeing with you. Now it's my turn to tell you to calm down, breathe slowly Sara.... don't overreact... deep breaths... lol XD

That information may be important in some cases, I'm just saying that whether or not the fetus has Downs Syndrome or not... the decision is mine. Totally mine.

Should a woman be informed that her baby has 2 heads or down syndrome? Isn't that relevant to the final decision?

All the input I need -- I already had.<br />
<br />
My life, my body, my decision.

I'm not disagreeing with you, SG, the decision "should" remain entirely up to you. I'm just saying that I think input from the doctor and father is relevant and important in that decision.

Personally, when it comes to my body, I don't give a flying **** how rare abortion is or who the father is. If I want to get an abortion, that decision is now and should remain entirely up to me.<br />
<br />
My body, my pregnancy, my decision, my life!

i agree with jojo on all three.

Excellent "V" I think the best way to say it is "Abortions should be legal, safe and RARE." With proper education that can be a reality.

It's a good question. My personal feelings on this are that the final decision should be made by the one who's pregnant. It is her body. <br><br />
<br><br />
But in order for her to make an informed decision, her decision should be informed by both her doctor and the father. If there are any health risks or if there are birth defects, the doctor will know this and that information will help inform the woman in her choice. If the father is not planning on playing any part in supporting the child, that is also information that will inform her choice. <br><br />
<br><br />
I don't think that her decision needs to be informed by any church, and I don't think it should be up to a government entity (which it would be if abortion were illegal).

yes well said Vendetta, i couldn't agree more and it shouldn't be that hard to understand this position.

I have heard so many people say: "you know what, I never thought about it that way, I guess pro-choice/anti-abortion describes me".

Vendetta, I have always been Anti-abortion. But I felt exactly the way you explained it. So I guess I am pro choice and anti abortion. Well thought out story. I would take my hat off to you but I'm afraid someone would steal it from me.

freaking awesome! i would love to see someone argue this! this would make for a most excelent debate! i my self couldnt agree more with vendetta!