Thought of This and It Made Me Laugh

So I was reading all the stories about why the pro choicers are pro choice and well I thought about this. I'm pro choice too so please choose your form of birth control theres condoms ( in all sizes, flavors, textures, and even types of skin lamb anyone?). There's over the counter oral BC, there's diaphrams ( spelling), IUD's, Depo, and if all theses fail theres the moring after pill. If that were to fail well there's adoption or the old fashioned method of taking responsibility for your actions. There's plenty of choices ladies and gentlemen. How about that? Someone even went as far as to say they would never bring a child they wouldn't love into the world. I thought to myself these people will say ANYTHING to evoke sympathy. I think thats why I used to think abortion wasn't such a bad thing. All the emotional propoganda. Statements like that. If you can't love that baby then give it to someone who can. What I think the poster really meant is they couldn't handle the guilt when 20 years go by and that baby finds them and wants to know why they were so irresponsible. I'm done ranting.

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I'm open for mature discussion! I do see your point however I am still just pro choice. The situation is complicated; in one way I do feel like there are a lot of irresponsible people, on the other hand there are people who don't know better. What I mean is that, due to their circumstance that is all they have to do. People with horrible parents or parent who are in poverty and are not taught better or are not weird enough to find out on their own, that there is more to do than have sex, do drugs, hang out, and keep on repeating the cycle, I feel like it should be pro choice. There is more to life but when you don't have the means to(be it money, support, or outlets when you can do more) you don't know or understand that there is. Also with minorities many times, their babies are not being adopted at such a great rate as caucasian babies. Who will raise these kids and raise them well?