It's Really Sad

that people who have abortions feel they aren't murdering anyone. I believe that's very selfish. A fetus did not ask to be conceived out of wedlock because their parents just happen to be unmarried and got so caught up in the moment of lust and slept with each other because the thought they were "in love" with one another and they claim that conception just happened, so that justifies why they had premarital sex and to destroy an unborn child because of their irresponsiblity and because they don't want to have the inconvenience of having children when it wasn't the poor baby's fault that it was conceived. The two "lovers" have nobody else to blame but themselves and to kill an embryo out of their self centeredness is cruel and sinful.

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First of all you don't have the right to dictate or assume peoples situations. People and women have the right TO CHOSE after all YOUR NOT LIVING WITH THE DECISION. THEY ARE! Would you rather see an increase in teen moms, rape babies, or people whom have no means to support the child therefore take up even more public assistance DO YOU WORK? DO you have taxes taken from your check?

Keep your self righteousness to yourself!

thank you aradia11

hey if you want to get rid if abortion.. tell men to keep their penis zipped up !

tell them to buy rubbers !!! tell them to buy spermicide !!!

MSL, you are ignorant and naive. There are many people who find themselves unable to carry a pregnancy to term, for many different reasons. There are women and girls from many diverse backgrounds who are faced with this decision. It is not only lustful, pre-marital sex between intelligent and consenting adults that can result in a terminated pregnancy. <br />
Every child has the right to a safe, nurturing and loving environment, from the first moment of their conception. If a woman is unable to provide these things for her unborn child, who are you to inflict a lifetime of potential suffering on that human being, should they be born physically or mentally affected by an unhealthy pregnancy, or raised in a resentful and uncommitted family?<br />
As a species, we have been given the gifts of compassion, mercy and intelligence. I believe it is our responsibility as humans and parents to use these gifts to prevent suffering, or at least not to prolong it where we have the ability to end it.<br />
Yes, it is heartbreaking when people are unwilling to take responsibility for the consequences of their unwise behaviour, but it is not your life. It is the lives of these women, some children themselves, and their children, born and unborn. Until you have walked in the shoes of every woman who has been faced with the decision of whether or not to end her pregnancy, you really are in no position to judge us.

Me too

If you are referring to sexual assault or abuse to justify abortion, those two factors are no excuse for it either. And for the record, if you feel that my honest opinion is judgmental, than that's on you. I speak the truth and the truth kills. Especially the kind of truth of how God feels about it also.

your truth works for you may not work for others.. thank you very much!!

but I live in America where I have the right to live the way i CHOOSE TO live .. have YOU forgotten your history why many people came to the new land to live free to live free from people LIKE YOU!!!!