Such Is My Life

They say that in the case of a genius, there is often some prevalent deficiency elsewhere in the brain. While I am certainly not implying that I am a genius, rather, not, I am exceptionally intelligent. My brain deficiency comes in the form on unbalanced chemicals resulting in long cycles of depression and optimism, which are not bipolar disorder, but mimic it. I view almost all humans to be somewhat worthless beings -- I simply cannot be a regular fifteen year old girl with this intellect gnawing at me. While others are out drinking and fornicating, I am reading and creating. I stay mostly quiet in school, but when I do speak, it is usually scathing and gets me in trouble. Such is my life.

OpheliacInsomnia OpheliacInsomnia
13-15, F
2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

On the other hand, you are probably really smart. Just seeing that you are only 13 to 15 years old, some advice from a genius: <br />
* don't bother using bug words or having a conversation about anything deep, with most people. They won't know what the hell you're talking about.<br />
* because you're so much more intelligent than most people, you tend to feel scornful of others' ignorance and have a general distaste for everyone who feels to you like a retard; and as a result the things you say naturally cause you to speak to people in such a way that comes across as if you think they are inferior or stupid. This is because to you, they are! However, they do not want to accept this. This is because true genius is very, very few and far between. You may be 1 in a million, ten million, or even 100 million. I am probably between 1/100million and 1/10billion. As a result, you're probably the smartest person they've ever met. They will find it very difficult to believe you are so smart, so they put you in the category of the vast number of fakes (the ones of normal or slightly higher intelligence who think they are the king/queen of the world, but are not). They then figure you must be cynical, prideful, hateful, malicious, stuck-up, bratty, spoiled, and on and on, when the truth is you are just the opposite.<br />
* don't take anyone seriously. They are all retarded.<br />
* don't take offense when people insult you. They are just retarded and can't help it.<br />
* don't bother explaining yourself. They can't or won't understand you.<br />
* use bad grammar when writing on the internet. it gives people a reason to think maybe you're not stuck up, when you say things that make them feel inferior, because they are just f*cking retarded.<br />
* don't be offended when you are called a know-it-all. The truth is that in comparison to them, you do know everything. of course, it is in comparison to them, so don't think you really do know everything. There is a great saying, "once a person stops thinking they need to learn, they stop growing."<br />
* read Ecclesiastes in the Christian Bible (Holy Bible) NIV. The writer, Solomon, was arguably one of the wisest men of the millennium. He was so smart, the whole world felt stupid and pointless when he was going through a difficult time in his life. It can help you understand theat us few are not alone.

The premise of this argument proves you are not a genius. You might be smart though. On the other hand I have been around some very intelligent people who I still feel are just f*cking retarded.