Dang It!!!

No matter what happens...whether its happy, angry, or sad....I tend to have some fit of laughter at first. I dont know why. When a customer gets rude with me at work now....I tend to start laughing. I used to explode...but for some reason....I just look at them and laugh when they begin their rant. I know this isnt right.....but heck....Im not right!!! lmao
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2007

I'd rather laugh at hot-headed customers then to let them make me feel bad. There is nothing like going home feeling like something is wrong with you or that you've been beaten down. Laughter....I'll take it.

hah- <br />
im sure than it s one way to rile on a good temper tantrum anyways.<br />
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funny think with me (and i've noticed in other members of my family) that we really look like we are laughing when we start crying, and it even looks like we are smiling through the whole thing--- kinda.

Yes exactly!!! I love to laugh. So its the one thing that keeps me sane in situations like that.