Lunch Time Fun

There have been to many times to count but one of the many stories that sticks out in my mind is the time my husband and I were at In and Out. There was a middle age couple at the table next to us and the man was on his cell. He acted like a total redneck and was talking super loud on his phone so we can all hear how important he is. His wife looked miserable and bored as she sat next to him. It was hard not to pay attention to this ****** so I had already started to giggle but was able to supress my laughter. That was until he stood up, phone still in hand, and spilt his water all over himself. At that point my stomach was being torn apart from not laughing but I still held it. My husband smiled because he knew I couldn't hold it forever. But I could hold it any longer when the guy shouted into the phone, "I'M EATING AND TAKING A SHOWER!!!!"

That was it, within a second I erupted in laughter and the people in the crowded resturaunt didn't know who to stare at, me or the man taking a shower. My face was bright red and their were tears going down my cheeks. This infuriated the man and he stared me down which made me laugh even harder. He ended up leaving all pissed off, meanwhile I am unable to stop laughing.

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6 Responses Aug 3, 2010

That is a super hilarious story, I would have been escorted out for causing a disturbance,

wow, that would have been hilarious to witness.

I suppose it was appropriate, just felt out of place because I was the only one laughing and everyone stared at me like I was nuts.

I'd have to say, that's appropriate laughter! xD<br />
Guy sounds like a jerk.

np, I'm glad I was able to make someone laugh.

Lord have mercy, if all of ep knows how much you have made me smile and laugh tonight, i am glad for them to know it! thanks again....