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That’s An Understatement

Deep chuckles.
Swallowing my own tongue.
Plastic humoured sounds of amusement.
High-pitched gasps for air.
Soundless vibrations.
Sinister hiccups.
Faerie chimes.
Evil Mad-Scientist laughs.
Giggle like a girly-girl.
Cackles like a witch.
Honk like a foghorn.
Notorious laughs like a hyena.
Squeaks like a mouse.
Squawks like a crow.
Neighs like a donkey.
Snort like a pig.

I cannot control the way I laugh. And it’s really bad. Every time I laugh, the sound comes out differently. My friends at school laugh at me laughing because they find my laugh so very strange. I sometimes wish I could sell it on eBay for someone else’s laugh!  When I giggle or laugh, I blush. The more someone makes fun of the way I laugh, the more potently I blush and of course people find it funny to see a cherry tomato human, so they laugh at me blushing and laughing. I’ve had to hide my head on my arms, put a book up in front of my face to cover it, turn around so that no one sees my face… just it’s unfortunate they still hear me laughing. =/ I can be at a funeral, formal functions, party, wedding, alone in my room, watching a movie… it’s like the worst kind of laugh jumps out of my throat to embarrass me.
Floydess Floydess 18-21, F 16 Responses May 2, 2011

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You'd be scarred for life. O.o<br />
<br />
So your a pack of weirdos! *high-five* =P

I have you hear your laugh now :P.<br />
<br />
Well no my friends have weird laughs as well.

Well, there you have. =P


Hehe, my friend tells me I don't laugh as hard as I use to a year or two ago... which is true, come to think about it. But my laughs are always still weird - even to them! And they're been with it for 3 years. =D So what? Are you two the lone wolves of your packs that have the odd laughing giggle? =P

Well giggling in packs has one advantage :P. There is always one in the pack with such a wierd laugh that every body laughs at him :P. So much more laughter to enjoy

Ohhhhhhhh! You mean like that! Lol, I probably do do that. =P

Like me and my friends giggle in packs when we're together.

Its a bit like hunting in packs :D

Giggling in packs? ~_-

You forgot the giggling in packs

Mwahahahahaha! *sticks tongue out at you, closing one eye* =P<br />
<br />
*giggle-giggle, blush-blush* I feel sorry for some of them too. =/ It might be so, SuperMother, but I'm sure it's beautiful in it's own unique way! =)

Awww. Poor babies. My laugh is weird too.

hahaha, That is some serious competion

I make babies cry when I laugh. =P

Well one eye looks more odd<br />
<br />
I won :P

Both my eyes close. =P

Now we have to compete on that too lol.<br />
<br />
Well when i laugh really hard my left eye closes slightly now match that hahahahahaha.