Dirty Church Thoughts

So here I am the good little girl sitting in church. With is my neighbor(an old lady) and my brother (the perviest thirteen year old ever).ps:i'm fifteen. So any way I guess it was some sort of preacher gathering and our preacher was blessing other preachers and me and my bother were watching with polite interest as about seven or eight preachers went to our preachers in a straight line down the middle isle.The first guy got one his knees and nelt before our preacher and our preacherrested his hands on this guys head. My eyes shot to my brothers, we always had a connection and could tell what eachothere were thinking, iwas alwats good at acting serious but not when he is around. But in our minds we saw the same thing. That guys head was like right up on the preachers junk and because the preacher had his hands on the guys head it looked liked he was trying to push the guy closer to his junk. Oh my gosh me and my brother erupted into a fit of giggles that we pointlessly tried to stop. And it was with the same thing with the next guy and the next and everyone of them. Oh and that went on for fifteen minutes as he insisted on saying a prayer over each one of those men. So basically me and my brother were stuck watck our preacher holding seven different mens head to his just for two mintes per person. A WHOLE TWO MITUTES OF EACH MAN GETTING THERE HEAD HELD NEAR HIS JUNK!!!!! And all the while we were chocking on our own laughter. 
justhiddensecret justhiddensecret
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1 Response May 16, 2012

hahahahaaaa i cant get that image out of my head!!! hahahahamy gosh picure my pastor doing that . . . oh wait he did !!! church will never be the same.