Good Night :)

My sister-in-law was visiting us, and staying for a few days. Mostly, my husband would talk to her and they were very close. I listened and sometimes would add a remark or two, but I let them have some space.
My husband normally sleeps early, so that night he went off to sleep, as I was getting ready, my sister-in-law knocked at our door, without thinking I asked my husband to get the his sleep he openned the verandah door and called his sister's name in the dark :)) she was actually standing in the lounge...I couldn't stop laughing..I still smile..ofcourse, my husband said,why didn't you open the door for her? I said, well I thought maybe you two wanted to exchange few notes :))
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2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Well some times you dont think and the things workout the other way ! Its good to enjoy such moments in happy Mood!

hhmmm you are a terrible woman sometimes....

am I :)

well i think you know how to make your hubby annoyed.....LOL

naughty...but funny