In Church!

My sister's fiance has been a bachelor for all of his life until he started dating my sister. He owns his own house, has his own car, and of course in his nice house, he has a pool table, and all sorts of little game tables that all teenagers love. So naturally, his house is the one that every youth get-together dinner is held. It's the fun house!

The next youth dinner was announced at church. The pastor said very innocently and tactlessly, "...So the youth supper this month will be held at _______'s house. I think the kids like your house, _______, because there are toys and fun stuff in every room, even the bedroom, nice big bed to bounce on." Hahaha!! So many scenarios danced through my mind at that moment and I couldn't help but giggle.

Then he added quickly as he realized what that sounded like, and ripples of polite snickers resounded around the room, "Just um, make sure they don't, um, get into the bedroom."

I couldn't stop shoulder-shaking and grinning till the end of the next hymn was sung!! I deserved some of the disapproving looks that came my way, but that was hilarious.
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Ha ha ha ha