Don't Be Mad

It doesn't make me proud. Not one bit, because I know it is hard when you lose someone, but ever since I can't help myself but to laugh when someone dies (yes, I'm a terrible person, jeer at me all you want). I don't even find death to be ''fascinating'' or ''beautiful'' or whatever that would imply that I worship death, nor I find it to be something horrible and bad. It's a part of life, it ends somebody's existence. I also find funerals to be exhausting and meaningless, I honestly doubt that dead person cares if I'm there or no, they're gone.

I am still laughing at death today, but I still have no idea how to explain why I'm doing this.
Nyxeh Nyxeh
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

There is a saying that goes, "laugh at death, cry at birth." People should be happy to leave the Earth and pass on. It's sad how this world is anyways. And some of the people in it.