Impolite But Sooo

Yep, I am prone to inappropriate laughter. Here's a story for one of those times.

I was watching a play, Shakespere's Macbeth. It was opening night and the performance so far had left much to be desired. Generally, it was fine, just not good.

Well, it came to the part where Banquo is murdered by the 3 murderers. The murder weapon (a knife) in question, was the type with a retractable blade. The idea was to stab ol' Banquo with it so it would look like he had been stabbed. Well, things went wrong, after the aforementioned stab the murderer pulled the knife away. The whole theater saw that the knife blade was still stuck in the hilt, it didn't bounce back out. Everyone laughed as Banquo died.
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3 Responses Jul 6, 2007

I'd have wet myself laughing.


Ouch. I hope the actors weren't to mortified to continue.