Too Much..

I would go as far as to say I have issues over wishing to be the protector of everyone I see as being vulnerable. Which is everyone.

I am sorting it now though. i  have been aware of it for a while and I am taking control of it. So dont worry.. i may FEEL abnormally protective but I don't show it too bad at all, That's coz I know you'd think me a stalker and run off! :D

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I never went like way OTT, I didn't flip-out into a total stalker, but I was VERY tempted to just follow someone around to make sure they were ok, and not being followed by anyone, etc.. erm.. have a little read of this... (excuse the self-loathing attitude all the way through! You have to mentally filter my stories for their illness content, to get the truth of any of them really..)<br />
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Sorry, it took me ages to find that! :/

Hey, it's beats not caring about others at all. I don't think that's a negative trait :) I can't really imagine how it would be anyway. We all need 'protectors' sometimes, no matter how vulnerable you are perceived as being. It probably depends on how extreme it is I suppose. How has it been a problem in the past?