Taking Care

                                           i have always protected the weak but am much more that way now as ive grown older. i see it all the time , people being taken advantage of. i can not tolerate it at all and have got myself involved quite a few times because people didnt understand or were being abused in some way. it happens with the elderly all the time.its just the way i am and cannot change .

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4 Responses Mar 5, 2009

Thanks to all of you guys!

That is so true people look right down on the fact in time we all slow down..we will all have to deal with privilege..some never get..The one awful situation is in convalescent homes...maybe a few good ones,and good care.

WELL that is good u show sympathy for others but i get abused all the time verbally mostly and noone holds up for me but its ok cus i do it all the time and i dont care ...i have to be strong for me cus noone will ... i guess thats y i dont believe in love nomore cus .. i find myself having to everything for me and wen i give someone my heart then they take advantage of it or take it for granted but whatever ending it .........

Compassion is such a noble quality I think more people should possess. I commend you on that. As a caretaker, I can't help but be that way myself. There will always be weak people and there will always be mean folks to take advantage of them! Sad but true!