Bully Beater

For the most part, I was an agreeable kid growing up.  A little quiet and quirky, and not inclined to fight.  Except when I noticed other kids getting bullied.  Then I had a tendency to intervene and lose control.  I could not stay out of a conflict if another kid was being mistreated, even if the odds were not good.  I found out that anger really does increase fighting ability, and its lucky I didn't hurt the bullies too bad. 

One time I humiliated a kid named Maurice who thought he was the baddest dude in the 7th grade - and I did it in front of his friends.  Maurice was pushing around Clark Webb after school, but when I finished it was Maurice who was in agony on the ground and couldn't get up. 

Maurice didn't forget, and unfortunately for me, Maurice had a brother and cousins with gang ties.  These kids from the ghetto harassed and threatened me for a while after that, but luckily they never caught me alone in an alley. 

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2009

I have a bit of a white knight complex except I rarely saw anything like that ever and when it did happen it was a kid that I felt deserved what he got. (There ARE really obnoxious kids that "ask for it" and don't realize they're doing it, "Come over here and make me why don't you?!") I saw a mom yell really bad at a teenage daughter once at a wal-mart parking lot and she started crying. I wanted to say something. I hope I can have the courage and the smart wit to know what to do in those situations. Sorry people were mean to you after what you did but I hope you're glad you did it anyway.

you were lucky. but atleast you showed him you were not going to take his crap. so many kids are afraid to do that!