I Hate When People Treat My Best Friend(queenyolobiiitches) Like ****

My best friend started dating a guy that she dated a while ago again... When they dated the first time in the beginning they would always be texting nonstop and then he kinda stopped texting her for days at a time... She would cry and I would be the one comforting her not him. Well he begged for her back the other night and she was starting to develope some old feeling for him again so they started dating just to see where it would go... It wasn't going anywhere and she was having second thought.. She broke up with him and and he got mad he accused her of ******* her best friend that's a guy and he also accused her of ******* her ex bf while they were together. She didn't do any of that and she told him. Lets get one thing straight my best friend is not a ***** no matter what people say she has ****** one damn guy!!! Even if it was more then once it was only one guy that's not a damn *****! ugh! Her boyfriend saying this when she broke up with him in a nice way is ridiculous. If he was a real man he would take it like one and not make her feel like ****. I really want to beat him but I don't want to make him even more mad at her... He's a douchebag and he is making her feel horrible someone needs to beat him and I would love to be that person! >:(
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I hate Dossey so much! Then he tells me he's sorry?? Wow I can't believe him!

I can't believe him either!