Airman Are Truely One Of A Kind

my fiance and i met at work lol McDonalds unfortunately lol. I was and still am in college and working very hard for myself and my two year old son. I am 19 and let me tell you.... going to college and working while paying rent, utilities, and daycare all on a Mcdonalds income is not easy. I do not and have not ever recieved child support from my sons father so it was all coming out of pocket. Toby kept telling me that one day i was going to let him take me out lol but i knew he was leaving for Basic in December. Finally i let him take me out thinking he wouldnt want to go out again. I was wrong. I fell hard girls and so did he. My son loves him. and Toby treats him like he is his own. When Toby left it was hard but we made it. My son asks where Toby is and i explain that he is "at work". this last weekend Toby graduated. My son was glued to him all weekend. We are getting married soon and i look forward to being an Airmans Wife. These men are one of a kind and talking to a few of them at graduation i realized that they love unconditionally and with all of their hearts. I am truely blessed as are we all.

LizzieK LizzieK
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3 Responses Mar 2, 2010