Lickitysplit And Conceptualclarity On Why Americans Still Take Pride In Their Country

A Northern Irish lass asked : I'm wondering why Americans still take pride in their country?

What follows are the answers from conceptualclarity and lickitysplit.

Conceptualclarity wrote  :

We have set millions of people free and are still doing that today. We have stood up the the worst the world had to offer, the Communists, the Nazis, the Japanese imperialists, terrorists, and the Islamists, when you Europeans lacked the strength or the willingness to do it or both.

The advance of freedom and democracy around the world in the last 150 years has been because of the American example, not because of the French with their guillotines and the Vendee, and it all dissolved into the Napoleonic monarchy pretty soon anyway. We showed the world that a country could combine democracy with the rule of law. Prior to America democracy had a very bad reputation with serious thinkers because its history was one of lawlessness. The rule of law was more associated with monarchy than with democracy. But non-figurehead monarchy was not destined to survive modern times. Without what America gave the world, things would be pretty miserable.

Americans are the most generous people in the world. When people are really in desperate straits, we are the ones who do the most to help.

I could continue all day long. It's sad that Europe's leftist press has so pulled the wool over your eyes that you would need to ask this question.



Lickitysplit wrote :

In 1914, the First World War had broken out throughout Europe and the nations of Britain, America's former colonial ruler, and France, the nation that helped America win its freedom from Britain, were on the verge of utter defeat. American volunteers rushed to Europe to help save Britain and France, at first without the backing or support of the American Government. Eventually, the American Government threw its full support behind, nationalized the American volunteers and placed them under command of the US Army Expeditionary Force under General "Black Jack Pershing." Tens of thousands of American citizens gave their lives to protect France and Britain, turned the tide of the war and eventually won.

In the 1930's, after Japan had invaded China, American volunteers fought alongside the Chinese against the Japanese invaders. American pilots, flying American built aircraft, attacked Japanese supply lanes, both at sea and ashore in China, delaying the total defeat of our Chinese allies while angering Japan. Japan knew it could never establish an Asian Hegemony as long as America was capable of opposing Japan. As a result, Japan planned and executed its attack on Pearl Harbor. Because Japan was allied as a member of the Axis Powers with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor gave President Roosevelt the reason he needed to convince the American public to again fight a World War in which America was not directly threatened. American again came to the aid of its allies Britain and France, again sacrificed hundreds of thousands of American lives, and again defeated Nazi Germany and her allies. In doing so, America helped to restore self rule to Britain, France, and all of Western Europe at great cost to itself in lives and resources.

Following the second world war, American not only helped to rebuild its former enemies, America helped those nations achieve prosperity, democracy, freedom, and sovereignty. Japan and Germany, while defeated, were empowered by America to become great powers in their own right during the 20th century.

Time and again, America and American citizens have sacrificed their lives and national resources for the sake of other nations. Over and over, America has helped to rebuild its enemies and has left those former enemies more prosperous and more free than ever before. Throughout these times and battles, America never became a ruling colonial power.

Domestically, no nation in human history has granted its citizens greater freedom, liberty, or opportunity to succeed. No nation has been more apologetic for its mistakes. No nation has been a stronger advocate or protector of human rights, freedom, and equal justice under the law.

We are not a perfect nation. We have made mistakes and will continue to make mistakes. We do not perfectly implement our Constitution. But as a nation, we work hard to abide by the laws of our nation and to be true to our principles. We are big-hearted, charitable and loyal to our friends. We live up to our commitments and promises. Our form of Government is messy, at times nasty, always inefficient, often heavy-handed and sometimes disfunctional -- but it beats all of the alternatives.

I am exceedingly proud of my nation, our history, our Constitution, the principles we espouse, and the principles by which we live. As far as I can see, no nation in history has done more to benefit mankind, no nation has been more altruistic, and no nation has more of which to be proud than the United States of America. You are welcome to disagree, because after all, one of the principles by which we live is freedom of speech.

Do I particularly care if you like us? Not one iota. If you want to be our friend, we welcome you. If you need our help, ask and you will almost certainly receive. If you simply wish to be left alone, then leave us alone and we will ignore you. If you wish to be our enemy, then beware. Don't tell us what to do as we are independent and will do as we wish. Do not try to impose your rules, laws, or opinions upon us -- we have our own and neither need nor want yours.

Have a wonderful life and leave us to have ours.

conceptualclarity conceptualclarity
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Very well stated sir. I am proud and blessed to be an American. I have lived overseas and appreciate even more how great this country is.

dain said..> So, yup!!! Americans are .... less refined or yet to be beaten into a dull submissive acceptance of a life free from self reward like so many others. We, our selves<br />
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gypsay said..> hell yea we are, and have the f@@k n liberty to do so.... thank u very much...opps, did i show my red neck culture side... ill run back to calif, laid back side ok....... god for bid i offend!

ha ha i didnt flag any of thier stories, i spoke my mind and they didnt like it

what they do has nothing to do with me............

gosh cc i cant belive i liked what u wrote here about america .........<br />
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all ur other buddies have blocked me from writing on their stories lol ..........<br />
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they are not open to any ones thoughts but thier own

If you all hadn't been so eager to flag our stories into EP Jail, you might not be blocked so much. Your side has no complaint after what you've done to us.

Oh, dear Markus,<br />
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My husband is a most educated Chinese....American..but the word hegemony, just happens to be his favorite, while describing Mao...but,he also thinks, some of Mao's<br />
<br />
Hegemenous, ways, of dealing with corrupt, CEOS, is most proper,..<br />
<br />

My chinese husband would be most impressed when I show him that there is actually an american who used the word. <br />
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Thank you. When I saw notice there was a comment, I thought to myself, "Oh, no, it's probably another screed from one of the lefties."

Well spoken...