Yes I'm Very Proud of Being Muslim!

 Assalamu Alaikom; Dear Brothers and sisters, let me please introduce myself. my name is Fawzi, and I'm a Tunisian writer. I'm a very Proud Muslim, and this made me write a book about this. I finished my book in it's Arabic version called : "Be Proud You Are a Muslim" (كن فخورا فأنت مسلم), the English version will be named "Proud To Be Muslim". The book is about answering those who criticized Islam in a very precise and scientific way and by comparing with Judaism and Christianity. Some Muslim scholars corrected my book and they liked it. If you can read in Arabic please visit my book's website at you will find a link to the official website of the Prophet Muhammed PBUH, where you can read the English version of the seventh chapter of my book (about the marrige of the prophet with Aisha in an early age) the link to this chapter is the rasoulallah website is translating my book to some other languages, you can find also the same chapter in 5 other languages. Dear brothers and sisters,I really hope you all know the truth about Islam and those who criticize it. My book will help people all around the world to see the truth about Islam inshallah. And you can help me to accomplish this mission, just read a part of my book in the link above and you will discover how important is the message that it takes.

Today I'm trying to print my book, and 2300 USD will help me to start, you can help and make the diffrence. please contcat me if you are really proud of being Muslim and want to do somthing for your faith.

Jazakom allah Kheir. Wassalamu Alaikom

Fawzi Fawzi
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Yes allah is the most proud and arrogant, allah is also the best deciever and liar! Thas right, the best liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is SATAN he allah is not GOD.

In fact Muslims should not be proud but grateful. Pride belongs to Allah. And Shaitan was arrogant because he was proud that Allah made him from Fire and held Adam in contempt because Allah made from from clay.

allah is the most proud and arrogant, he is the best liar and deciever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dirty filth!

You should be PROUD what ever RELIGION You are, just as I am of being CHRISTIAN

Britain chose Palestine because of its strategic location, close to the canal. They did not give up Palestine for any other reason than this. England had a Prime Minister in Palestine for the duration of its colonial status. The Jews led by a Weitzman or a similar last name took any complaints to this Prime Minster. if he ob<x>jected they went OVER his head voicing their complaints to the king. The King of England mistakenly believing that the jews controlled the banking industry would always capitulate. The Prime Ministers were understandably upset. Eventually Palestine became the bane of Britain's existence. They are quoted as saying "Why do we need to keep this ****** little country? The fifteen million we pay per month is wasted on them. So the last Prime Minister handed over Palestine writing in his government acquisition book One Palestine. Complete. PS I visited Tunis twenty years ago and loved it.

No one should feel shamed of their beliefs. I am 110% AGAINST Zionism yet have many Jewish AND Islamic friends that I enjoy very, very much. People are people; we all bleed, we all laugh, we all cry. Let's respect each other, agree to disagree.

I AM MUSLIM :)<br />
Yes I'm Very Proud of Being Muslim!

You are proud to be a sex pervert then! What about man/boy muslims sex rings in afganistan ? Dirty muslims perverts!

Thanks YaminoSensei for your nice comment, It's very good to see people who care and who respect the other nations and beliefs. <br />
<br />
<br />
mgturbo1, yes I don't like suicide bombers and don't agree with their ways! I understand them very well, I know they have strong reasons to fight their enemy, but they have no right to use wrong and non allowed ways in war! if the enemy used napalm against us, if he raped our women, if he tortured our men, if he killed our kids, all of this do not allow us as Muslims to do like them! because we are not like them! they do not believe in God and they do not believe that they will be punished severely by him for every crime, but we believe in God and we know he is going to punish us for every crime. If the suicide bombers attack the enemy troupes in our land that's ok! but if they attack civilians in their lands thats not ok at all and this is not Islam, this is wrong and Allah don't allow it. but they are very angry and they lost their minds, they lost control on themselves.

^^ i did't get the point you mean's in wat term's are they not handling their responsibility ? i bielive that everything good matter's only if your heart is pure and you'r have good intention's <br />
other than that its all worthless right ?<br />
alhamduliALLAH ,i am a Muslim and i am proud of that ,!!! looking forward to know more about you'r book

Salamu Alaikom,<br />
Dear twilighteyes, happy to read you again. you have millions of questions, I have all the answers. but tell me first! are you Muslim? you know a lot of things about the Muslim world.<br />
by non Islamic Gov I mean all the gov in the Muslim world.. we have no Islamic gov, even in Iran and Taliban. those do not represent true Islam. all the Gov in the Muslim world do not practice the Sharia and Islamic law.<br />
When I say the West I do not mean people, I mean some western Gov, especially US Gov, UK Gov and French Gov. and we can not ignore Zionism who coordinate between all those Govs. In the Muslim world we call those people "the West" (US Gov + UK Gov + France Gov + Zionism + other western Gov). And you know as we do the this "west" supports our dictators, our non democratic Gov. like in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia...<br />
Believe me my friend, I do not blame the westerns, I do not blame any one, I'm just saying a fact. and as I said, when I say "the west" I mean those govs + Zionism. And you can see Somalia today, why the American intervention in this fight against the Islamic courts? This is a way to decide who rules in this African country. Same in our Arab countries, do you believe that if the Muslim scholars lead a revolution in Saudi Arabia against the king and royalty, do you think that america and the west will just watch? they will absolutely support the King who is in fact a dictator.<br />
<br />
Dear friend, when you tell me that young Muslims are so confused I understand that, and I also understand that you need to know more about Islam. If you are Muslim and you are confused this mean only one thing, you need to know more about your faith. why those youth are confused? You have the prophet to follow, make the prophet your only example in all sides of life. just don't see the bad examples, and especially don't judge Islam because of the bad examples, because everyone is responsible of his acts and those people do not represent our faith.<br />
<br />
You said:"why don't the Muslims do something besides signing documents and having a round. Why don't the religious scholars condemn these leaders instead of the west." Because those who keep signing documents do not represent Muslims, they are what you called the Shadow Gov, they are the Dictators, we never elected them. and about Muslims scholars, they condemned these acts, they have been killed or put in jails, You know about the Egyptian scholar 'Albanna', he was a great scholar and was killed by Abdennaser the Egyptian president at that time because he refused his agenda.. we have today many Muslim scholars in jail because they said NO to the dictators, many youth are in the jails for the same reason, my brother is one of them. <br />
<br />
Yes, royalty in Islam is legitimate.<br />
<br />
No, no other religion can rule in the land of the Kabah except Islam, the Gov must be Muslim.<br />
<br />
Yes as custodians of Kabah they have an extra responsibility, but there is no power that can oblige them today to respect their responsibilty. As I said the scholars of Islam totally refuse what the royal family members are doing, but they can not lead a revolution against them. they will be killed and this will be a big loss for Muslims, and they do not want to cause civil war in the kingdom. <br />
<br />
I totally respect your critic of the royal family in KSA, and I have nothing to say to defend them.<br />
<br />
For what Islam says about the sects, it depends of the sect itself. is it a good or a bad sect, if it helps Muslims to be better Muslims or bad Muslims..<br />
<br />
I meant Dictators.. <br />
<br />
Thanks for your discussion.. hope that my answers helps..<br />

Many questions, I have a million more.<br />
Non-Islamic Gov you mean ? The CIA initiated bodies who are poser Muslims and actually puppets. Or...? See when you say west I think that's just wrong. Its the Shadow Gov/Zionists or the illuminati the elite behind the GOV who are pulling the strings. The west is itself is in a web.<br />
<br />
But in every argument you lay the blame on the west. Fawzi if someone is a sell out and has a price on themselves, there are going to be bidders and buyers! The problem today is that the Muslim leaders are sell outs. You can't blame the "west" for that. If the Muslims leaders lack integrity and loyalty. No one is to blame but themselves. <br />
No I don't understand the anger with America, though I admit they are bullies of the playground. If some 50 year old men are falling over some 20 year old girl Im sorry Im going to blame the lack of morals character, principals in the men. The lifestyles that non-Muslims lead is VERY much there business. <br />
Young Muslims are so confused myself included, Islam has been so distorted and twisted. We do have the Prophet as an example to follow but we lack role models in this day and age who can set examples in every walk of life. Muslims are just left chanting slogans, they've been ******** of from everything. The leaders are sell outs and the religion is being twisted and, us hanging in-between are just struggling to find a way not to fight amongst ourselves.<br />
<br />
The British Colonisation did break up the caliphate because they couldn't take on the Muslims in any other way except for divide and rule I know. Now the Shadow Gov. But that's my Point why don't the Muslims do something besides signing documents and having a round. Why don't the religious scholars condemn these leaders instead of the west.<br />
The democratic Gov can not spoon feed the Muslims to stand up for themselves. <br />
My biggest problem is that instead of Muslims scholars pointing that the fault lies within us and looking for the problems and addressing them we totally eliminate that path. Its the easiest escape, blame the west. Just like the shadow Gov propagates to paint us as terrorists fundamentalists and barbarians.<br />
<br />
Is royalty in Islam legitimate? <br />
So tomo if another religion was to prevail in saudi it would be alright, as long as the kabah and pilgrims are taken care of ? <br />
As custodians of Kabah they have an extra responsibility to set not only an example but preserve Muslim history and heritage.<br />
It's an internal affair of the Saudis if it doesn't affect other Muslims. The pretentious holier then thou image they portray but for their own greed only follow Islam to their convenience is my problem. Islam is a religion about democracy- and people-. When you are accepting a wrong from one of the leading and supposedly one of the fore front representatives others are going to follow suit! A land from where the scholars rise and religious ulema. <br />
The message they are following is of a man who cooked, cleaned, washed for himself, "had the simplest of lifestyles and preached the same message". Also what's really fired me up is, the demolition plan of the Prophets home. Which is what, 4 walls and palm leaves as a roof! Apparently they need to build a road on that route......... One royal family calling all the shots is suicide. Especially when they have advisers who are probably "wahabis"!<br />
What does Islam say about sects? was my question.<br />
Tirana's?<br />
I look forward to reading your book for sure, and thank you for the reply

Dear twilighteyes, You asked many questions :) here the answers..<br />
- your 3 first questions: In fact I can't see where is the problem? the important thing is to take care of the Kabah and the Pilgrims, and the fact that Saoudi arabia has a king or a president that's an internal affair for Saoudian only.<br />
<br />
- You asked about disunity between the Muslims.. in Fact this is the biggest problem today in the Muslim world. The cause is the non Islamic governments supported by the west in the Muslim countries.<br />
<br />
- Explain to me this question: When the Quran has declared sects are forbidden.<br />
<br />
- Your next question about divide and rule.. see my last answer above about non Islamic gov.<br />
<br />
- your question about double standards of Saudis is very good. in fact as I said, it's not an Islamic Gov, and it's supported by the west :) if they have double standards this is because they are not doing what Islam tell them to do.<br />
<br />
- your question about respecting woman in Islam, I wrote an entire chapter about this, you have to read it :) you will be choked. you can send to me your email, i will tell you when publish the English version of my book.<br />
<br />
- your question about royals and business man and britney :) my dear friend those people are not a good example of Islam or the true Muslim man. they drink alcoholic drinks, they make adultery, they do not represent Islam. and they rule our Muslim countries and the west supports them.. you can understand why the anger in the Muslim world against America now :)<br />
<br />
- I love your question about Islamic sciences and literacy and top university in the world.. my dear friend you have to read my book :) an entire chapter about this subject with proofs, numbers and facts.. a very good question.<br />
<br />
- Yes the Muslim world is not doing great thing to Muslims.. just because there is no political will.. our biggest problem is our Tirana's supported by your democratic Gov..<br />
send to me an email to ; I will tell you when I publish the English version of my book.<br />
thanks a lot for your nice discussion.

Why are the custodians of "Kabah", KINGS/ royalty?<br />
Why does the Muslim world not have a problem with that?<br />
Why wont these scholars raise a voice against it?<br />
Why is there so much disunity between the Muslims when Islam itself preaches nothing but EQUALITY and endorses Ummah/ the brother hood? <br />
When the Quran has declared sects are forbidden,<br />
Why does the muslim world divide and rule and endorse being a sect before being muslim!<br />
Why do Saudis have double standards? Why do they have foreign women as air hostesses in there airlines when they wont let the locals work?<br />
Islam talks about respecting women! not muslim women!<br />
<br />
Why do these royals and business men offer britney spears 2 million pounds for a one night show in dubai but forget to feed the starving people around the world.<br />
Where is the literature and science and economic boom that was started by the muslims, why is there not even ONE Islamic university in the top universities of the world... And for a fact it's not because Muslims are being victimised! Money talks everywhere, even the education system no matter where in the world,It is also just another business, and the Muslim world has plenty of money ... <br />
Why is there no literacy in the Muslim world?<br />
<br />
I understand the underlying agenda's the Bavarian colonisation and ect ect... But frankly I don't think the Muslim world is doing anything for the Muslims or the other people around! And that was never our history. <br />
I can't read Arabic or I would read your book, I want to know what you've written about the present situation.

Thanks for your comments, thanks for your nice wishes YamiNoSensei..<br />
Dear rovacab1, I do not support suicide bombers. Their way is wrong and not smart.

So whats your take on suicide bombers?

I am not Muslim (or Christian for that matter) but your book sounds like a good thing. Anything that helps us understand and accept each other is a good thing. I wish you great success with this book!