I'm Very Proud..

I'm so proud of my best friend. She is so caring, sweet, and very strong. I really and truly admire her because of her struggles. I'm very inspired by her because the love she has for her children. She has an autistic child. Her unconditional love, the improvement, and hard work she does making sure her children are well taking care of being a single parent. She is no typical person who would just settle not being a negative person, but a positive person. She doesn't let nothing get the best of her because she knows the foundation of a heart are her children. I went to visit her during this summer. She made me feel so very welcome in her home. I never went without not being entertained during my stay. She is a very good hostess I must say. I wish we lived closer, but we do keep in touch by phone; when we do talk the time just goes on without our knowledge knowing we have being talking for a long period of time I'm very proud of my best friend and I wish her all the best and love..
PrivateLegit PrivateLegit
46-50, F
Jan 9, 2013