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Ours is not really a sports-oriented family. When our son wanted to play baseball, I encouraged him, of course and hoped for the best. It made my heart ache to see him go out there and try, knowing how nervous he was. And, every time he missed the pitch, or couldn't catch the ball, he stepped right back up and tried again. It is so hard watching your child struggle and heart wrenching not being able to pick him up each time he falls.

He'd tried baseball a few years ago, with little success. We'd made a deal that he had to finish three games and, if he still wanted to stop, he could. This time, I was afraid the same would happen. It is really very far outside my little computer geek's comfort zone. Ah, and then the miracle moment, when everything just turns around.

Last night, was his team's second game. The first one, they beat the other 8-5. They also won this game 14-5. But, he didn't really feel like he was contributing since he hadn't gotten a run yet. Until the last inning last night. First time on base, then first time stealing a base, then his first run.

I admit, I'm a big-time sap when it comes to my boy. I was clapping and yelling... and, yes, trying not to cry. ;) Like I am right now, writing this. The only thing that affects me more strongly than the pain in not being able to help him, is the joy and pride in watching him succeed, without me.
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I love this story, but I'm not very subjective, since I'm rather fond of the Mom in this one. It won't be the last time he scores, in ba<x>seball or in life, but know that in all the obstacles he overcomes and atop all the summits he ascends, Mom is always with him.<br />
<br />
At least that's the way it is for me.