Why Should I Be A Lesser Man Than Them?

My current profile image, the Finnish national symbol is my unofficial patron, because it's a constant reminder of my ancestors and their deeds, not to mention the fact that they'll always watching me. l am proud of them, since they made sure to protect themselves and their homes from several savage enemies.

After the civil war 1918 when they helped defeat the reds, they managed to make a living for themselves for another 21 years.
After that, the russian communists (rest in hell) decided to attack them. After fierce fighting and heavy losses they pulled back. Sadly, some land was stolen from the Finns, and is sadly yet to this date occupied by russians.

1941 it was time again to fight the russians, in an effort to recapture the lost ground. While successful at first, they had to once again pull back when the Germans lost control of their war machine.

By 1944 we no longer cooperated with the Germans, and sadly they turned to enemies. During the Lapland War where the Germans burned down the village of Muonio among others. Although some Finns will not forgive the Germans for this, l prefer to think of the earlier days of cooperation.

During the aftermath of WW2 we can proudly say that Finland was one of the few fighting countries that were not occupied by enemy forces and that the managed to fight off the russians twice and the Germans once without ever being occupied.

This helps me greatly in any hardships, since l can imagine that since they could make it through their hard times and prove themselves worthy, why can't l? l am their successor and the heir of their great history, so why would l fall where they stood fast? l think everyon should think more of their ancestors before giving in to situations that might not be so bad when thinking about it.
EiPerkele EiPerkele
22-25, M
Jan 22, 2013