Coping With Death

My son has been playing hockey with a lot of the same kids for years now. They are friendly faces that we see on cold mornings throughout the winter. On Wednesday we got some horrible news. One of my sons friends father had passed away suddenly from a massive heart attack. He was only 45. It is so sad. He was happily married and a genuinely nice guy.....always with positive words for everyone. Always smiling.

My son decided he wanted to support his friend. He was very uncomfortable and scared by death. But he asked questions....many questions.......and he pondered.....and agonized......and he wanted to be there for his friend.
Several of the kids from the team showed up....all wearing their team uniforms in a show of support.

I'm pretty damn proud of my boy. He is 11. Many adults won't do what he did today.....He showed his buddy today what a real friend is.
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Hockey helped me raise three great sons, something about that sport they love, makes for good friends and great comrades. True teammates

You have every right to be proud. My oldest did something similar at about the same age. He insisted on going to his great grandmother's funeral just to be there for his grandfather. I almost cried when he reached over the pew to pat his grandpa on the shoulder during the service.<br />
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Great job!

Thanks FG and thank you all for the nice words.

I now have tears in my eyes. I love when you share these stories bassy. (Hugs)

I can only echo what has been said. You've done well as his father to raise such a compassionate and caring son.

Such a story of sadness and inspiration entwined.<br />
You must have been very proud sitting beside him at the funeral.<br />
I would think in moments of such grief those children would have brought a brightness to the day.

It is nice to realize you have raised a fine, compassionate child, who will grow into a fine man, one day. Good for him, and good for you. <br />
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Condolences go out to the family and the community, on the loss of a good man.

Thanks girly<br />
<br />
Everyone is still in shock<br />
<br />
I feel so bad for that little boy.