What's The Big Deal Over Penis Size?

Kay Tee was wondering
Why are Black Men's penis's bigger...?
Kay tee
"I've been with both black and white guys, and I'm not dogging on the white guys, but I've noticed that black guys always have bigger penises in some way. Thickness and/or length. Whereas the white guys seem to be small or average.

Does this date back to something or is it just God's way of making up for slavery?"

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I have never pulled out a measuring tape on anyone...?
I just know the difference between a pencil and a rolling pin.
And as for the slavery thing...people back in the Israelite time were treated with respect-like employer/employee today.
Black slaves, however were treated like scum of the earth and had no choice of wether or not to be a slave. Ignorant white people like you make educated white people like me look stupid. The difference is like night and day...comparing greek slavery with southern slavery

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yes you are right = it's the slavery thing.

Black ppl were slaves for thousands of years, first the Arab slave traders in Africa
then the white slave traders = mostly English = in 17th & 18th century

Over this period male black slaves were selected for penis size and bred for the
sex market particularly in Sudan and Caribbean
so yes genetics

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I think you're the only person that got what I was asking, and gave me an answer that I needed. That makes a lot more sense to me thanks =)
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Wesley A
It's just genetics. Its the same reason why black girls almost always seem to have larger butts than white girls (whether they are fat or not). Just like skin color, hair type, average height, body hair, etc, people of different races are often built differently (down there) as well. You may not know this, but the average size of the vagina also varies between the different races (blacks having the larges, Asians the smallest/tightest).

i don't think it has to do with color of your skin i think it's in genetics and most of the time black people marry black so the genes get past on. i'm black and my father is white my mother is black and i'm very well endowed even though my skin color is really light brown because of the mix. one time i accidentally walked in on my father peeing and he was very well endowed and he and his entire family are white so what i trying to say is it's not the color it's the genes
22 cm

Black guys penises aren't always going to be bigger than another white guy's....i'm sure it's a few that're pack-in' on a major level.
But just like skin color, facial features, and physical characteristics are normally broken up in averages of one ethnicity.
Black:big lips average penis size:6 in
White:thin lips average penis size:4 in
Asian:chinky eyes average penis size: idk but they always look really small in porns
*diff. height averages too*

Dr. Kyron MacMannis
I am amazed at some of the racist comments here. Just as I am amazed at the ignorance of some people here.

In my work I see thousands of penises in many countries of the world. I can tell you that there are some penises that are quite large and some that are quite small. I can also tell you that about 80% of the penises in the world are about the same size, regardless of race, colour, country or creed.
Doctor of Andrology

Kaytee: Obviously you have only been with white guys with small penises. Since three is no such thing as your "Average". There is only what is called our "normal" size. My "normal" is not Joe Blacks normal, why should it be? We are two different men. I assure you blacks are no better equipped. That statement would be like me saying why do white women have bigger vagina's then black women? But then in all honesty, i was told i had the biggest one, that any of these women i have been with ever had, (and they had plenty small and large) i was told. So it couldn't be punishment for slavery, but it was of God for sure. Good luck, Steve

Penis size is not connected with color.Black or white. It is natural gift. Sometime it is genetic cause. And slavery is least concerned with any body shape. There are so many white slaves in this world. also so far sex is concerned big or small penis is also immortal. For sex pleasure only 2 inches long penis is sufficient..

Me! :- )
White guys have been wearing clothing for a much longer time span in compared with black guys.

Nature wasn't counting on us binding up our growing penis with cloth like tighter underwear and pants.
Until the last 150 to 200 years, black men had full freedom for growth and expansion in the groin area with free moving clothing or lack there of.

European, Asian, or mid East guys as is where many of us wither skin guys come from have been wearing underwear and pants since the dark ages as the 14 hundreds. Even tights in some cultures. Remember Romeo and Juliette? Lol.

Me! :- )

I have felt this way also, but your second sentence is way off base. Nothing to do with slavery or dating back to something. I do not know for sure but maybe it has the same origin as big noses on Italians (of which I am one) and Jewish people.

its TRUE
anyone tht think its a 'myth'
go look on a p0rn site
search: black
n then watch white guys ****
Ull c the difference
its TRUE
Probably 90% of black guys have bigger *****...
im white
16 -6 1/2

Don't stereotype. If you believe one stereotype about a race you have to believe all stereotypes about a race. Why do some women have bigger breasts than other women? That's just the way it is.

kevin wewe
Genetics. Considering you used God in the question though you might disagree if i say differences in evolution. But genetics and differences in evolution.

Brett Blackford
I don't know why but black people just do. Probably because of genetics. Just like white people have big feet. Asians have small penises. Mexicans are hard workers. And jews have big noses

I find it disturbing that you accurate measure them. I wouldn't like it if my girlfriend would get out measuring tape and measure it.

Spitting watermelon seeds will cause that.

Darryl Austen
To service you white women.

Lanny Mcconnell
Lol best question ever ><... idk but im guessing god gave it to us as a gift cuz of they whole slavery thing hahaha jk

They don't. Sleep around more.

I Hate Top Contributors
I thinks its just by chance for u

well if it is true...they have to have something going for them right?
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All I can say is, average is best. Because if it's too small, I can't feel a thing... and if it's too big, I f*cking hurts!

Lol, I found this on Yahoo and I thought that it was hilarious.