Not exactly sure if you can be proud and nice at the same time.

People say i'm boring and they're totally right but that's all i am. Its not a choice, its how i am and i am very satisfied with that. I'm not saying this in reaction to anything. No this is something i'm saying with all sincerity and politeness i can put here.

I love people who're different from me and similar to me me equally and have no problem with anyone.

By the way I think the group name should include satisfied instead of proud. That way it would look more nice and normal and yes boring. :)

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10 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Why would you think that yo're boring?

Its because you are a totally warm and friendly person :)

How come i think u arent boring?heh

Wonderful. I am boring too for the most part, but I am not happy with it yet. I hope someday I will be happy with it like you are.

great story but unfortunately, sometimes, here at ep, if you don't partake in certain activities you are made to look like an oddball, an outsider. that's my feeling anyway.

Right you are paco. :) thanks

Well stated. One person's boring can be another's happiness and satisfaction. <br />

Aww thanks ABL!<br />
<br />

Yeah :) Not following any agenda. Its just me.

I agree completely. Nothing wrong with being happy and satisfied, we are not here to succeed at someone else's agenda