Im Normal!!!

im proud of who i am!!! i dont mess people about, by telling them lies about what i have and have not achieved in life!! im not scared to tell people im a loner, and i dont really have many friends in real life, but thats just me, i might be a litttle boring at least im normal!!!
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thank you *kwoody*!! : )

thank you *myLoveMachine*!!

I like what you said, but dont call yourself boring. You are different and you dont have to play up to anyones expectations.

i am like you guys but being normal is painful life has no meaning... no one accepts anyone and this world will die in its own rotten heap of crap... life doesnt go on especially when you're stuck

I know, me too, I'm not going to try and impress no one.

wow, i actually agree with you on that one *Biddykins* lol

One trait of a normal , decent individual is that he/she accept nobody is perfect. One can also strive for self improvement until your last breath , and must always accept nobody is too old to learn. There is no fool like an old fool. . . .