I Am Proud to Be a Feminist

Feminism is about euqality and it is about choices.  It is about women and men.  A feminist believes that women can do or be anything, and a man can do or be anything.  So a woman can be president or a stay at home mom.  A man can be a president or a stay at home dad.  A feminist also believes that we must make the changes in society so that each person can fulfill her or his potential.  We must recognize the capabilities of each person, not put them into a box, make assumptions, say "you should..." simply because they are a a woman or man. 
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thats interesting if women and men are the same who come women have a harder time passing physical requirements in the military no men and women are not the same were mentally and physically any one who disagrees Is a half wit

ah your looking to argue again Chris???? poor poor you don't you have one of ur man clubs to attended to ??

I do but after I get done working my 2 jobs I get on here and fight toxic feminazi for I sleep and I live in new york waiting to go to marine corps training because its the only way to become a citizen for me cause me parents didn't hop the border and have a baby in da broom closet

make up ur mind which lie is the truth. first you say ur in Ireland then you say your in NEW YORK!! duh!!!

every one be very carefull o f*** singingeyes ****he is very dangerous! he likes to pretend he is new to e/p but he isn't he is a guy pretending to be a 18 year old female who hates on feminist /women just be carful of what you do . he can be very dangerous!

I am just blocking and ignoring him. You are right it is obvious that this person is not a woman or girl, but is a men pretending to be one so he can bash feminism. It became obvious to me with the comment below where he just spewed out the same bullshit that MRA/anti-feminists constantly spew out.


dangerous how by counteracting your feminazi double think

Dangerous how you think chris !!!

Glad u live in Ireland and not in America we have to many of ur kind here !!! SAD THAT U TROLLING E/p to look for an argument!! to hate on women!!!

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Ok, so, you claim feminism is about equality and that is what feminists teach but then when you look to the real world for examples of this, what you find is feminism seeking to maintain the advantage that women have always had. i gave many example of this such as men ALWAYS paying during divorce, 99% of combat deaths not to mention the draft and registering for selective service, 90% or more of on the job injury and death being men, men making up 99% of the homeless population, men being accused of being the ONLY gender that uses violence when discussing domestic violence (when studies clearly indicate that domestic violence is about 50/50). We now have women only gyms, restaurants, parking spaces, there is even a women only CITY in at least one country. this is not what "equality" actually means! CLAIMING that these extra special privileges are equality is NOT THE SAME as ACTUAL equality.

Wow Jethro!That 6th grade education is shining thru! There are more men in the service because more men join.no one has been drafted in decades.Ive been homeless my self for a short time,I saw whole families,and both men and women living on the street.I have to say that most,but not all the men I met during my time chose to live this way,The rest of Us found jobs and got settled again.So boo whoo.

"If Men Could Menstruate," "Men would brag about how long and how much."... more
Women can’t be equal outside the home until men are equal in it.

*** addition to difficult and dangerous low paying jobs. These include front line combat soldiers which means about 99% of battle field deaths (for all of human history i believe) are men, not women ***

The laws changed,

Women can now do front line war!! it was law that women don't do war on the front line! ......

feminist fought, to allow women to fight front row!! side by side along with

*** feminism doesnt want quotas for these professions nor does it seek to protect these men who keep society running but **

how ?????!!! gives u proof that feminist don't want quotes! where did you find that info from???? please enlighten us to where we can read that info you so proudly wrote!!

**** feminism doesnt want quotas for these professions nor does it seek to protect these men who keep society running ****

HELLO!!!!!!!!!! obviously you know nothing about the military!!!

go read up on military benefits, read up on vets and the privlges they have coming to them for just being in the military even if they fight no wars!!!

you know nothing about what u you say... its all a pack of lies * YOU* made up !! to make ur self look informed and better ! and to insult feminist.

next time you might want to take the time to educate ur self before you spit out a bunch of fallacies!

**** only seeks privileges for the high paying desirable jobs. that is not equality, no matter how much you claim it is. words have meaning ****

I'm smiling over here !! WHY???

your wordy bullshit reminds me of the green faced Grinch ! !

opps i used bullshit i for got im dealing with a child and bullshit hurts their ears!!

yet again you reply but ignore the topic. changing the topic, running from reality and insulting, its getting old Asianblue. i hope everyone sees how feminists behave.

What? so women have been dying in front line combat in equal number to men?? Is that really what you are arguing?? Seriously?

The "proof" is that even after all of the feminist rhetoric about claiming to care about "equality" men still pay out during divorce NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCE 90% of the time or more. They lose the kids even when the mother is less fit for parenthood than the father. This stuff is all public record and easy to find in any first world country and even many other nations.

yea yea yea

Since the beginning of human history, men have died in combat while women stayed home, protected by men. Today, men STILL make up 99% of front line combat deaths. I have never heard women clamoring for an opportunity to join in themselves. There still is no selective service registration for women. It is an example of something between the genders that is NOT AT ALL equal and feminism claims to want equality.....................either feminism does or it does not want equality!

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What you are describing is human rights or egalitarianism. Feminism is only concerned withe the interest of women, over and above those of everyone else. Equality is not a gender issue.

you are sooo dreamy... marry me.

once you make women equal with men in pay rates, job opportunities etc

then there will be equality!!

but the studies have clearly show that men make up something like 99% of men die on the job, in the battle field and so forth. see? that is what i dont understand about feminism. it seems to only want to make women better off but keep men suffering in these ways. thats not equality.

singing what country do you live in?

are you from a different country than America?

seriously starting to think that no one who calls herself a feminist can follow a conversation. its getting pretty unreal. nothing i said and nothing you said has anything to do with what country i am from. feminists are all crazy people i swear. you all just say random things and insult people and when people try to talk to you all you just change the topic and get mean.

sing stop the hate ,if you want to have a real conversation about feminist!!! grown up and stop the insults !!!

enjoy ur day!

sing i saw where you copied some ones name from their profile!!!

i confronted you on ur white /b but you took it down ! lol

sing is hating on feminist on a diff story what a ******* joke and she/he was trying soooooo hard to make it look like she wanted to learn about feminist...... what a good little stupid hater she / he is !!!1

asking questions is not the same as insulting. you are insulting me, i am asking questions.

asking???? you came across as if you were genuine, wanting to know about feminist but on the other stories.... and now on this one, you act like you know all about feminist.......

you such a good little flip flopper!!!

you saying you wanted to know about feminist and wanted to learn, was just a hook !

fake mra trying to act like he/she is innocent and wanting to learn!!

yea right, all your here for, is to hate!! get over ur self!!

you are insulting me and following me around. i erase profanity and insults but i leave up legitimate comments on my white board. i didnt steal anyones name, thats crazy. this is my nickname from childhood. you people are so much crazier than i could ever have imagined.

you stole part of someone's name.... she even confronted you about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stop acting like ur innocent i will call you out on it every time!!

Aww come on fuklaw... get real!

Asianblue - you have been following me around making crazy accusations. why not just have a conversation like an adult? im younger than you by a lot and yet you are acting like a child.

i get im on my feed hello

im not following you lol
why??? because i have been involved with mra and feminist for years here on e/p.
i belong to the diff fem and mra grp here on e/p so i get messages on my feed!

I have the right to comment, I don't care if you like it or not!!

asking honest questions is not hate. stop trying to shame and insult people because you cant defend the evils of feminism.

well well l

The pot calling the kettle black"

you insult me and avoid addressing the issues you brought up, which i just responded to. now, you try to accuse me of not having a real conversation. you changed the subject and avoided the issues, not me. my questions remain and you STILL haven't responded. still waiting...

what issues would you like for me to address exactly!!!!

it looks like all of a sudden your English is better hmmmmmmmm

where as before ur English was !@#$%

are you going to insult with every single post?? Ok, so, you claim feminism is about equality and that is what feminists teach but then when you look to the real world for examples of this, what you find is feminism seeking to maintain the advantage that women have always had. i gave many example of this such as men ALWAYS paying during divorce, 99% of combat deaths not to mention the draft and registering for selective service, 90% or more of on the job injury and death being men, men making up 99% of the homeless population, men being accused of being the ONLY gender that uses violence when discussing domestic violence (when studies clearly indicate that domestic violence is about 50/50). So, lets see if your next post insults me and changes the subject yet again or if you are willing to actually deal with reality.

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I am a proud strong intelligent independent entitled bbw feminist princess! We make the government bend to our whim! We must make the government serve US WOMEN!! We WOMEN have to be in control of everything. That way, we can make sure things are "equal". GURLLLLL POWERRRRRRRR!!!!

trolling trolling raw hide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since ive started studying feminism this is the only response i see people make when they are challenged on the problems with feminism. you cant just say a word and pretend youve refuted the points made. even some of these trolls have points to make and you havent refuted those points by just saying the word troll. its called an ad hominem attack and its a logical fallacy.

actually, that sounds nothing like me but hahaha i take it like a compliment

Sing you sound like Spock on Star Trek!!

Yet again i see another comment that ignores the point. If you don't use logic you are entering the realm of solipsism. This is part of what I have noticed since trying to learn about feminism. when you are presented with a logical point, rather than respond do it, you just try to slander/verbally attack the person speaking. this is exactly the reason that feminism seems to be a very dangerous ideology.


ah man i would say i missed u... but that would be a lie.

Does singing eyes have a clue what is being debated here ?

she is the troll and she is supposedly imitating me i think... thus the nick being so similar to mine... or that could be my troll induced paranoia

@wingeyes Now I see... LOL
I want a troll.... It isn't fair that everyone but me gets a troll and they don't even want 'em. :-)

Have mine

Thanks... does it have a leash ? LOL

I don't have one, either :( I hate that I broke the last one. He didn't wanna play much towards the end, anyway.

He wasn't well built :-)

Some one outta start a support group.

you people are obsessed with calling people names and this is what i noticed when i first started learning about feminism. i dont know if you all are "trolling" yourselves or what is going on but i noticed that feminists dont engage in arguments, they just call people bad names. thats mean and it is the reason i began asking questions about feminism in the first place. you all seem to create drama and strife wherever you go.

what is wrong with you people? im asking questions and YOU - wingeyes - is posting over on MY whiteboard. you call ME a troll when im asking questions? im starting to think your all trolls trolling everyone else. are all feminists trolls too?

uhm...singingeyes asks questions cause she wants to learn and so far, the only thing feminists can say is insulting things.

mmhmm sure sure sure. And all of your " friends" happen to be my trolly friends?? uh huh.

i dont know who my friends are and i dont know who your friends are. i just joined this thing because i started taking classes in feminism and i had some questions. it turns out all feminsits are evil and crazy and obsessed with trolling.

you didn't just join!!!

ur a well known feminist women hater here on e/p....don't fool ur self...because you anit fooling us!!

yea on sings other story he/she has software hooked up to it,

to place ur comments at the bottom of the story ,instead of where you wrote it !!

Is it hard pretending to be a woman?

Hillary is that You dear?

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It would be nice to hear a feminist acknowledge that men are victims of sexism too- and that in many ways men have it worse than women.

After all, men are the ones who have died in the wars, they are the ones who commit suicide more than women. Many men are falsely imprisoned on trumped up charges by women out for revenge.

The backlash against feminism is beginning to liberate men from their own gender roles-- they are starting to lose interest in marriage and providing for a family, they are staying single, working fewer hours, and living the life they want to live instead of the one society dictates to them.

I think it is a beautiful thing- women have said over and over that they do not need a man-- now men are starting to see that they don't need a woman either.

As a gender equalist I believe that marriage should be abolished, along with alimony, affirmative action, and all the other forms of Marxism that masquerade as equality.

If men and women are really equal, we don't need laws to try to force them to be equal. We need to stop saying that all men are potential rapists. We need to stop the topless protests.

We should also acknolwedge that if it is her body, and her choice, then it is also her responsibility. If a man has no say in whether a child is born or is not born, then he should not have to pay child support for a baby he didn't consent to. Women have lots of avenues for birth control, they are the ones who decide when to have sex and who to have it with, so I think it is only fair that they should be the ones to take responsibility.

The ideals of feminism and the practice of it are very different things. We need to acknowledge the mistakes made by feminism and make a strong effort to apologize and repair the damage it has caused- or all of us, men women and children, will have to pay the price for it.

Step one is to stand up to the hypocritical female chauvinists that pretend to be about equality, and to start being honest about reality, instead of fabricating studies and statistics to support a ravenously sexist, bigoted ideology that threatens to ruin our society.

Let's hope it isn't too late.

Bravo !!!!!

I agree with u.many dont have a clue abt feminism. India is a male dominated country and feminists are viewed as extreme rebels

I am so glad to read that a person such as yourself believes that Feminism is about equality! <br />
I grew up in a place and time where Feminism was of the (very) EXTREME variety and it was bandied about as revenge against men. (i.e. - make the men fear for their existence, make men feel they aren't needed in society, etc...) <br />
<br />
Needless to say it did not work wonders for social relations between the sexes. I hope your teachings and activism stay on the message of equality.

completely right on. i can't stand to hear young girls proudly say they're not feminists, even though they believe in equality between the sexes. i think the concept of feminism can be just too threatening to some people so they feel the need to promote the myth that feminists are all ugly, angry man-haters. so ridiculous.

I've been a women's rights activist for 20 years. I teach women's studies and do research on attitudes toward feminism. There are ALOT of people who bash feminism and don't have a clue what it is (I have the data).

thank you. equal rights for all is what it is all about. yes we have sex segregation facilities for a purpose but i'd like to see an end to gender segregation. i hope feminism is the catalyst to it.

A lot of people seem to have forgotten about the core of feminism and what it stands for! Good on you for posting this :)