I Am Proud To Be A Nice Person!!

A little boy went up to his mother in the street & told her I was nice.I don't ever want to change. People tell me I'm too soft when I am compassionate. I am told it is better to be a nasty person than nice. Nasty people get what they want & won't be pushed around. I think you don't have to bully someone to get what you want . I can still stand my ground sometimes & can seem scary especially if I'm in a bad mood over something.I think being nice is a virtue. The saying that nice guys finish last is alot of codswallop created probably by a bully. If that were the case all the famous people that were nice never existed ect. what about fireman doctors ect there job is to care. 

chellybelly chellybelly
51-55, F
Sep 12, 2010