What kind of Sociopath talks about suicide?
Pride people. Pride. We have no guilt. We have no shame. Hell we have no happy or sad either. We use people to feed out egos. We are the ultimate junkies for thrills and adrenaline... Sure death has got to be one hell of a ride, but only that ONCE.... Suck it up buttercup. Pull up the big boy/girl pants and act like a proper monster! ... Convince someone to have sex with you and then make them feel shame and guilt for it after. Convince them to buy you drinks or dinner and then leave them feeling depressed about themselves... or use them multiple times like a pet or a toy. Until they break.

.... suicide talk from a sociopath. Next you'll tell me you feel exaltation from smelling roses.... bunch of hacks.
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i think i would commit suicide if i was bored enough. Manipulating people is to easy, maybe i would take out a public figure, it would be suicide but it would be a fun relief from boredom. being a sociopath i am superior to other humans though, so i think ill just keep chugging along spreading evil and taking power. hell if i get bored enough ill just step up to murder, become a hitman or something......... maybe that will satisfy me

Manipulating people is easy? Find harder targets. Manipulate them into harder things.
As for spreading evil? Taking power? video games don't count.


Hmmm you are right.....you like to use people to your advantages and it took me a while to notice that I do that a lot and it's what stops me from having relations with others cause I get bored if I'm not entertained enough , I don't feel sad or bad about it it's just like a " okay " so what kinda feeling , I don't understand if I should be proud to be one but your very true ! What type of sociopath talks about suicide , we love ourselves enough not even to feel the emotions of other people around us , I have a hard time wondering if I even ever care about what others are thinking

I wish I had no conscience

Oh? No conscience huh? Did you cry with guilt and shame after you intentionally STOLE your user name from Nintendo? ... Guessing not. Guessing you didn't even think about it.... Your reply doesn't even make sense.

You need a prozac or something.

Tell me more about this?

me? no I don't need drugs. just saw a bunch of 'i feel like suicide is the answer' from the "i'm a sociopath" group today... bah

Hmmm then not true sociopaths. Whatever is the world coming too.

thus my post

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