Nothing's better than kickin' back on the ranch, popin' a cool one and watchin' Walker Texas Ranger...


Yep... Paradise

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Whereas us "yankee" gals usually just throw the finger.

yes they do tend to throw rocks ....


The North and South coming together, in happy relations.<br />
<br />
Walker, Texas Ranger is absolutely horrible. And every time I see Chuck Norris I think of him selling that exercise thingy with Christy Brinkley.


das, if you were a lady, I'd kiss you.

no it's called sarcasim... that's the worse show that has ever aired

CK, if you come to Texas, someone will show you a good time. I think his name begins with das. Bty, do you like Walker Texas Ranger reruns?

Let's just say, you boys will have a new appreciation for the North.

yup, thats the ticket

Oh I'm sure I can come up with a few ideas

What kind of good time would a gal be shown if she came down to the lovely state of Texas?

Well you know there all those extra l's running around down here

Where's your ranch fellow cowpoke?<br />
<br />
And you better smile when you dis the Norris....

I can think of so many more fun things that there isn't room here to tell them. Bty, I live in texas.