My Transition From Male To Female.

As a child I knew there was some thing different about me.
I had a recurring dream That I woke a female.
I was very confused.
I could not tell my mum.
My mum would have said don't be stupid.
The older I got the harder thing's got for me.
I tried to conform to what society expected of me.
I fought with my problem for 32 year's.
I even went in the navy to try to surpress my feminine feeling's.
In the end I went to a hypnotist,he told me I could hypnotize you,
but eventually it will come out again.
So he saved me a lot of money which I did not expect.
Which was good of him.
In the end I was watching a t/v talk show.
There was a surgeon on & he said if you feel this way ,
go for it. the only person that is suffering is yourself.
I went to my doctor & explained my problem.
He referred me to a hospital in London & I got no reply the first time,
so my doctor referred me again.
Within a week I had an appointment.
Well I thought to my self how do I go down to the hospital,
do I go as my old self or do I go as the woman I wanted to become.
I was going blind o to speak,I had no idea what to expect.
When I arrived at the hospital the doctor told me off.
On my second appointment I went as the woman I wanted to be.
I went to the hospital altogether 38 time's in less than10 years.
On my 37th visit ,I received letter saying I had been referred for
surgery on the 20th January 2001.
I jumped for joy I was going to achieve my dream .
Then it was just a dream,now its reality.
I passed through the castle & thought after my operation I have succeeded,I am a woman.
I fought with companies over sexual discrimination & won.
I also fought with the British Government for 13 year's to get my birth certificate updated.
After my operation I was in an 8 year r/hip with a straight man.
I found him dead t 10-05am on his sofa in January 2011.
Between 1992 & 2005 I had gone through so much trauma.
Now my life could begin.
To me my first r/ship was very special as it was my first love with a man.
In August 2011 I had a stroke & was in hospital 7 week's.
I had lost my co-ordination & balance.
Now my co-ordination i 100%.
My balance is roughly 92 %.
I'm getting there slow but sure.
I'll be happy when I meet my companion,best friend, & my soul mate.
Gender dysphoria is an illness.

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Did you take female hormones too?