I Am A Virgin And Like It.

I'd like someone to find a better solution. I notice that people who remain virgins get hostile treatment. It must mean something is good about being one, because what did that virgin do to hurt anybody? If it is so good to grow up so fast, then why is there regret, and then it's taken out on virgins? This is how I have been treated for remaining a virgin. It's not as if anyone wanted anything to do with me in the beginning, and then when I decided to embrace who I am, with God's help, people started to act as if I had committed a crime. This only reinforced my belief in myself, God and my virginity. Good things happened to me, as a result, even within the suffering at the hands of others. I call those good things miracles of God. Also, I have noticed that in the outside world, of fast sex, people mistreat one another so badly, that I find it to be a bad advertisement for sex, and a good advertisement for remaining a virgin. I'm not saying that all people who lost their virginity, act badly. What I am saying is that the majority of people who I came across, had acted badly, because they had discovered that I am a virgin, and I have witnessed a boatload of acts that are deemed disrespectful, between people who had jumped in the bed, too quickly in life.
I am interested in meeting people online, who can understand from where I am coming. Now, I understand that the title of this group is 'I Am Proud To Be A Virgin'. I believe pride is a bad thing. I read in the Bible that it comes before a fall. But I understand what the sentiment is. I am not ashamed to be a virgin, I am glad to be one, and I don't regret being one. It has turned out to be a blessing to me. It is something I didn't earn. It was given to me by God, so I can't say I'm proud of it, as if I am the big man on campus, and should stick out my chest. I am just grateful to be where I am, that's all.
ian144000 ian144000
Dec 9, 2012