It's Not A Crime

It's not a crime, but it is treated like one. Even the president of the U.S. feels the heat, the pressure, to be 'christian' and to express that every chance he gets.  Separation of church and state? eh, that was just something written in the constitution.  Praise baby Jesus? THAT was in the BIBLE!

I was reading about religion in america today, and I read this article which said that people trust religious people over non-religious people.  But that makes no sense! Non-religious people are LESS violent and MORE educated.  

Why would you trust someone whose only moral compass is the promise that they will receive eternal bliss if they do what they are told?  And someone who doesn't know that the earth is more than 6000 years old?  I would be afraid to trust someone like that personally, maybe that's just me. *snark*

IMO America is analogous to the middle east with only one major (non-religious) difference...and that is that we are the richest (read fattest) nation, and that the middle east has a lot of dirt poor regions.  Other than that, two peas in a pod.

I hope that one day I will be able to freely express myself and my thoughts without fear of being persecuted, much like Christians are supposed to be (or else they wouldnt be the salt of the earth).  But they don't know the meaning of the word.

The Holy Book says in Psalm 14:1 
"The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none who does good."

And my mom says on facebook:
"Doing good without Christ turns good works into bad works."

So many people can't be wrong, can they?  I must be incapable of doing "good" since I am just a child of satan.
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"Non-religious people are LESS violent and MORE educated". Mmmm, and you've ba<x>sed this statement on what facts? The problem is that you have no idea if this statement is true or not. Including it in your post cheapens your view.

ha ha, just look it up! I do know it is true because I can see it for myself! But I know that alone would not be sufficient evidence for such a claim, that is why there have been studies done on both points which say precisely the same thing. It is why when you look at a place like Haiti where people have no access to education (much), they rely on religion as an explanation for what they dont understand (the same is true for uneducated americans or any other uneducated group). That is why the republican party bases it's platform on anti-science, because their voters believe in religion, not science. That is why when you look at how religious a place is or a how religious people in history have been and all the atrocities that occur/have occurred, they go hand in hand a lot of the time (no, not all the time...everyone is human after all). Religion is like a free pass to behave badly. Hey, so long as people can interpret things differently they are not going to assume any personal responsibility for their actions when they interpret their holy scripture as saying that they are on the side of god.

I say I'm Agnostic, cause the Universe may have something else than Man Made Religions. But I have a hard time with the God concept that it really is more of a Mind Set thing, then dealing with this World. Nature from a wide simple subjective view has its kind of beauty we all see and like by it, but the more I look closer at Nature more in Detail ob<x>jectively to try to show me a God. What I see is Life living on other Life as Predator and Prey. Now that we now know about that of our genetics and the so many multiple ways our chemistry has it to making up of each of us, it is harder for me to think we have Free Will. And to think that God makes (Us) in dealing with the results of biological control by 99.999% (At least) and to say we are unworthy to our Creator. Is like looking at a Mad Scientist and trying to call Him a Sinister Maniac for the way we all are. The idea that I have gotten (Guess I have to be the odd ball on this ???) Is the Gods perceived in our Past was Extraterrestrial Aliens that tried to Interbreed (Us) a certain way and since humans have been deviating from their Slavery course from the ETs. Adam and Eve to me was an ET Interbreed Specie, that feel for another Alien ET that wanted to alter the genetics of Adam and Eve and the Apple was the other ETs Genetic altering, in which the evolution of Adam and Eve's genetics was the sin, (Because Adam and Eve Specie would be ideal Pets and Slaves for this ET Specie in return.) for which what carries on is the altered genetics as our sin. We are sinners because of this. And the Universal God is not totally on Earth's Control then is with the ETs, since it is handed over to another Universe Specie's as ETs that has Earth and this Solar System working in their hands and on Us this way. And the ETs have to reconcile to the Universe God and then us. We are like Pets to a higher form of Life in this Universe. (What I think it is and the Higher forms of the Universe are not as Perfect either.) But then they reconcile with the Universe God. (???) Is Where my mind is taking me.

there are many theories like yours one can come up with, none of which can be proven or disproven with the available evidence. There are certain things which can be disproven or held as highly statistically unlikely probabilities, but usually such things are details of a larger story which can be held true even if the details are fuzzy. For me, it is not about knowing there is no is about the very definition of the word God...there is no clear one! Plus even if there was a true definition of what the word "god" meant then whose to say there is just one or what it consists of or whether it has a personality or a gender or whether we are even capable of conceptualizing what 'it' is. For me, you could say I am agnostic in the sense that I dont deny the possibility of there being some "god/s or goddess/es", but that is the same thing to me as saying there could be some "gkiebidgfo/s". Wtf does the word gkiebidgfo even mean? THAT is why I've adopted the term atheist now, as well as for the fact that atheist tends to elicit more extreme emotions from people than the more non-assuming stance of agnosticism...I would hate for people to mistakenly think that I have not made up my mind on this issue.

That's OK! I was just saying :) (Wow?!) what?