I Would Like To Be Involved More.

I have said it before and I will say it again,it is an honor to be a member of this wonderful site.The ability to express exactly how one is feeling at any given time of day or night,and to be able to share it with others is fantastic.Whether we choose to remain silent on our identity or not adds to the appeal of this site.The ability to get feelings that may be pent up inside out into the open can help to heal old wounds that have been playing on the mind.EP asks its members for no money,however they are grateful for contributions.I feel I owe so much more than that to this site,I have taken up the option to become an EP volunteer to aid and assist new members to settle in on the site and to offer a helping hand should they experience any difficulties.I would gladly offer more of my free time if EP needed any further assistance,I do this because I feel I owe so much to the site and its hard working staff.I know that they do need more volunteers to welcome in new members,they are currently advertising for more people on the homepage so I would encourage anyone who has about an hour to spare each week tocome forward and get involved.I remember when I was new to the site,I was very cautious before I asked a question or posted a story and I was grateful someone was there for me,to some people taking that initial step can be quite daunting.Thank you EP, my best wishes to you all.Garvan.
garvan garvan
51-55, M
Jun 23, 2010