Or I Will Be When I Am............

Mahahahha!!! Right now my BMI is the "Extreme Obesity" section. I started at a BMI of 52 (315lbs). I'm currently at a BMI of 48 (297lbs). I actually don't want to ever get to "overweight" on that scale. I'll actually be healthy in the obese range for my size & stature. I'm large boned (thanks a lot DAD) & I'm pretty sure because a lot of my fat settled everywhere that I'll be lucky if I get below 200lbs.
I'm hoping I'll eventually hit a range of between 200 - 210lbs. The BMI will be between 32 to 34. Considering that's dropping close to 20 points & over a hundred pounds. Well, I believe that'll be just fine thanks. ;-)
You don't like the way I look, hey, don't look! I'm big, & I'm beautiful. If I did go all the way down to what's normal............I'd look SICK! No thanks, I like my curves. ;-)

xxoo Wyn

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4 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Don't lose, gain!

you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm extremely skinny, i have to gain weight so i can be healthy for once in my life...i've never been a healthy weight

I'm overweight as well. Wish I had your attitude, I love it.

Indeed - ditto to what Max said.<br />
You have a very healthy and realistic outlook.<br />
Rooting for you!!