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But Isn't It A Shame...

I'm proud we finally have a non-white President, but isn't it a shame that we still have to even think about things like race, and that such things aren't simply normal and not needing of comment or celebration?

ChipmunkErnie ChipmunkErnie 61-65, M 5 Responses Feb 11, 2010

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The people most obsessed with race are liberals. It keeps a lot of people employed: lawyers, "diversity" managers; bi-lingual program instructors, etc.

Actually Obama is only 50% non-white. As a biracial person myself, I find people always trying to fit me into some box really insulting. I am just as much my Arawk grandmother's granddaughter, as my white grandmother's. Why should I be forced to choose between my parentage from different groups. I value them all equally and am proud to be their decesent.

I didn't hear it, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Sadly, race is still an issue for many people.<br />
<br />
Didn´t one of those political commentators say : I forgot Obama was black for an hour (?)<br />
<br />
He may have explained this later, but it really sounds like a very stupid comment.

True -- and that's not mentioning other prejudices, such as religion and gender