I first saw JM on the FF adult series of DVDs and what struck me about this person was how accessible she was. There was none of the pornstar airs, no attitude or arrogance or even contempt. There was just her: her rocking body, playful nature, fun loving way she embraced her sexuality. I stumbled upon her website as a result of Wikipedia and on a wild impulse, I emailed her. Never expected a reply back to be honest because heck for all she knew, I was just another undersexed fan right? Got a reply after I came home from work tonight sitting in my inbox. I was FLOORED. I mean you couldn't have knocked me speechless more than if you had told me I suddenly grew **** on my back. That's how frigging amazing it was, she said I was eloquent and wanted to see my blog address. I am still trying to get through the foggy material that is suddenly between my ears as result of this development. So far I can say I am proud, she retired 2004 but I see a possibility for a real longterm friendship here. Nothing sleazy or underhanded involved, just two people sharing thoughts and ideas. Get your minds out of the gutter people, regardless of what you believe - pornstars are people too - retired or otherwise.
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That is really cool. She seems like a great person!

yeah I guess either way.. not my idea of day job though.