My Soldier

I get to see my soldier in about 6 weeks. Its amazing how fast the time has flown by since he's been gone. But i miss him soo much. I have days were i'm absoulty fine then the next i can't stop crying i dont wanna talk to anyone and am just super depressed. Today is one of those days unfortuantly. I have been holding back tears all day, finally i just let them go and cried. Afterwards i felt good, glad I finally got it out. Then i burst out crying again. And just can't stop. I miss him so much and i just want him back. I want to be able to tell him how much I love him and how much he means to me without having to wait a week to get his response. I want him to be able to hold me and kiss me and tell me everything will be ok. I want to hear him say how happy he is by my strength in handeling this.
God, these next few weeks can't go by soon enough! I need some reassurance! Any encouraging words?
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im going through the same thing right now -- i always get those depressed days and unfortunately today is one of them for me too. however, my boyfriend is coming home just for tonight when he gets out of drill ( so around 8:30pm ) and then he has to leave early in the AM tomorrow. and i feel depressed. i dont know what my issue is and i want to be excited & happy when hes here!! maybe it just hasnt hit me that hes actually gonna be home!! also, tonight is my sororitys semi-formal .. so there is NO reason for me to feel like i do. idk whats wrong w mee!! sorry for the rant, your story inspired me lol =) im very excited that your soldier will be home soon! i wish yall the best !!! =) <3

I can't believe it! I leave today to go get him!!

Keep your head held high and always remember that he is wanting to get back home to you just as badly as you are wanting him to be there. And it will be totally worth it when you get to be in his arms again. Try to keep yourself really busy for the next 6 weeks and they will go by a lot faster. That is what I am doing. My soldier will be home in six weeks too.

Thanks! Today is our 6 months and i finally got to talk to him this weekend when he graduated from BCT. I was soo excited! when does your boyfriend leave? And I haven't gotten to do the whole welcoming back thing yet obviously, but I can almost garuntee it'll be the best thing in the world! When does your soldier leave? And where is he going? I'm always here if you need to talk!

My soldier hasnt even left yet but last night I watched videos on you tube of soldiers returning home from theyre delpoyment and surprising their loved one and it was awesome!! The looks on theyre families faces were sheer joy and shock! Im so happy for you both that he gets to come home soon!!

Thanks! I know, I'm soo excited! Last night when i finally fell asleep i had the best dream ever! I dreamt that he came home! and i was so happy then i woke up and was super depressed and its just been a bad day.. Everyone at school would be like wth is your problem why are you being a *****? because i wouldn't talk to anyone cuz i just wasn't in the mood, i was too upset and their comments just made it worse becaue i felt like i had no body to talk to about it.. I'm ready for the next 2.5-3 years to be over with so i know he'll never have to leave me again! It would just be amazing to be able to hug him, like i miss his kisses but i dont even care about that right now, all i want is for him to just hold me tight and never let go like he tells me he wants to do in every letter. I long for that day.. These next few weeks need to go fast!

keep your head high, when he comes home it will be the best time of ur life just remember enjoy every min. with your solider! =]