Can Guys Be Friends With Girls??

My boyfriend is in the army.. and i had recently had my phone disconnected .. well as it turns out i missed my boyfriends call from his basic training... i was soo devistated... and just sad... But! to make matters worst his friend... who is suppposedly been best friends... but they have only known eachother for a short period of time... well SHE got her call from him since i couldnt answer my phone... i just dont know how to react to this... at first im happy because he called... but im hurt because she was able to talk to him and i wasnt... I HAD TO RELY ON HER FOR INFORMATION ON  THINGS AND IT BOTHERS THE HELL OUT OF ME.... SHE KNOWS WHEN HE SENT OUT HIS LETTER AND IM JUST IN THE DARK... PLEASE HELP! AND GUIDE ME
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Yes..well it depends on was she best friends with him before you started dating him or it started while. if you're not comfortable with her as his best friend tell him. do she have a boyfriend? if she does then dont stress your self out over it. You should become closer to her, she can be your friend too. the fact he call her at least he tried to call you maybe he thought he knew his best friend would give you his message faster than anyone else. its upsetting anytime when your boyfriend calls anyone before or instead of his try to make a friendship with her find out more about her and if that happens again tell her to let you know when he's calling use her phone to talk to him that's YOUR man...

Thank you for your help but yes they had been friends since a few months before him and i became a couple but we knew eachother since elementary. soo idk lol but yes i have become closer to her and she has clarified that they are just friends and she actually confronted me about it so we are okay about it :) thank you so much for your help i appreciate it!!!

oh you're welcome. its always good to get clarification. glad i could help!!

of course they can any ione can be friends