My Hero Is In Afghanistan!

Hi my name is Brittany and my hero is my boyfriend Jason. He is a marine and He has been in Afghanistan for 2 weeks now. I am so proud to call him my man!

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YAAAAY FOR AARMY GIRLFRIENDS!! My baby is in Afghanistan now and should be home by summer time, its the little things that you seem to miss the most. I get so happy just recieving a short email! He's not just a boyfriend to me, he's my hero and i miss him more than words can express! I'm so proud of him and all who serve in the Military! Bless all of you for being strong enough to make it through, its definately hard being just a girlfriend, and i hope your guys make it home safe! <br />
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My boyfriend will be deployed to Afghanistan in October.<br />
He, as well, wears combat boots, and I'm so proud of him.<br />
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-Shayna Renee

Yay, Girlfriends! My boyfriend also wears combat boots and has been in Afghanistan for quite a while now. It's not a place for sissies, that's for sure! I'm extremely proud of him and of your men, too!

my boyfriend is also in Afghanistan. . .God bless and best of luck