Some Heros Wear Capes....

My hero wears combat boots! My husband is a United States Marine and some how he manages to fulfill his commitment with the Marine Corps while also taking on any extra responsibility they give him while also being an amazing husband. He is truly my hero. He works his butt off and things don't always go his way but he never complains he just gets it done. It amazes me! I love him!

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Thanks! I know that the statistics are not in our favor but just keep in mind what is important! Your relationship always out weighs the military. Even though they own his life... you just have to remember it is just a job, jobs come and go, family is forever! Think positive! Work on communication! The better you communicate before he leaves the easier it is when he is gone to communicate well! I'd recommend the book the 5 love languages! It helps you figure out how your partner thinks and how you can build them up! <br />
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Good luck!

There's soo many stories about marriages ending/relationships ending - I swear my soldier's best friend (who is also in the army) reminds us all the time the statistic for lasting marriages in the army. Obviously, it's not very good - But it's so great to hear when the marriages do work out, it gives me hope :-) So, thank you for posting this story & congrats on your happy marriage!!