More Then Proud!

I am a lifetime Voyeur/Exhibitionist, meaning, I get sexual arrousal from exhibiting MY woman to avid Voyeurs & men of all ages in general. This IS a form of Exhibitionism that a lot of men today enjoy who were in their youth an exhibitionist themselves. As I matured I could not handle the embarasment of getting caught by the wrong recipiant so I stopped exposing myself & somehow the urge changed to a need to expose MY woman. I can & will not supress this sexual need in my life & wish to see many men, especially young men & very well endowed men **** her & make her ***! My greatest fantasy is have have at least 3 regular visitors per week to our home come over and **** her loudly, so the neighbors know wxactly whats going on! Ultimately, I would really be turned-on if they came over after I went to work! Of course, I would want to watch the first one or two times & ******** to her being pleasured, but eventually I would get off of men pleasing her while I was at work. Kind of a "cukold" thing I think. I am a very proud man but need other men sexually interested in MY woman or our sex gets boring. If you are the same, let's chat about it or, if you are a young man (18-30), or have a HUGE, THICK **** I would also like to see if we could work this out. She (my girl) is ******* gorgeous, and 13 years my junior, but very shy sexually. I NEED to open her box & let out the little **** in her. CAN YOU HELP?
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8 Responses May 11, 2012

I admire your spirit as well because my wife is always naked for my friends, family, neighbors, etc. We both get off on her constant nudity. She loves the fondling, fingering, etc. It always leads to great sex for us.

yes I can help you but did you pass the last test I sent you on???

I would also like my wife to have sex with younger guys with thick ****. But I could not get her agreement. I told her many times but she is too shy and sometimes she smiles and other times she said a big NO. Any ideas and help

That first time is always tough to get her to do it. Once she does, look out! My wife became a f***ing machine once i got her over the first time. It is now the more guys at one time, the better she likes it.

add me and we ca start

I am totally ready to help, and I live only a little more than an hour from Hayward. add me.

i will help

I would be more than pleased too. Any time