Fat Story: In The Locker Room

I guess I realized it when i was about 7 and i wanted to do a bungee jumping thing. I had to weigh in so they knew where i could go. I weighed in at 95 pounds for a 7-8 year old. While all the other kids were at the "blue" section I was three sections away, and two sections away was a very nice fat, beer belly man getting on the ride. He caught my eye, but I didn't know why? When I was about ten and on the baseball team, i was embarrassed by the size on my jersey. an adult medium, all the other kids were still in youth sizes. I had lots of friends even though i was fat. But that's okay, I was okay with being fat. I kind of liked it. Then I joined Taekwondo at the Rec Center, i was 11.5, and I did this until I was about 14 years old, about 220 pounds. and that's when i was changing in the locker room, a mass of enormous men came right next to me and ******** down. I took some mental pictures. They were all really attractive with their huge gut, and they were really nice. One of them commented on my size saying i have a nice jolly belly, i said thanks, i really like it! They asked why, and i said i liked big fat people. They proceeded to ***** to nothing, and me sitting came eye level with their hairy belly and man junk. I kind of liked it. I never thought I was bisexual, and that's when i realized it. So, then the men barely got on the towels resting on top of their bellies, and they invited me into the steam room with them. So, I ******** down, trying to conceal my hard head and put a towel on and said yes. So, we went into the steam room, and (it's just a guy steam room) we they took their towels off and sat there with their round, soft, HUGE, bellies resting on their thighs. I sat with my towel on but once i 'calmed' down, i took it off and sat in their with the men. The man with the biggest belly by far was sitting farthest away from the door, and he called me over. I said i was okay over there, but he insisted. So after a few minutes of the men talking, i went over to him, but on my way over, i slipped on the water, and i fell right into his big belly, and slid off of it, proceeding to get a face full of his junk. I was kind of scared, but okay with it at the same time. All the men scooted over the bench towards me, and the man i was walking over to stood up and picked me up and sat me down next to him, asking if i was okay, I was. He put his hand on my thigh, and i put my hand on top of his belly, and he chuckled, taking his hand away. one of the other men came over and sat to my right, making sure i was okay. He had a big belly too, so sitting between them i was fine. The man to my left said something to the effect of "So, you said you like big bellies?" I responded "I love them!" He asked me how old i was, i responded "14" and he said do you want to feel a big belly, i said yeah, sure. At that point all of the men except for the two next to men started coughing and they left. So, I was alone in the dim steam room with these two fat hairy men. I could leave or stay, being 14 (fairly well-endowed myself) i stayed. The man scooted closer to me, and said, go ahead. So, I touched it, and the mans to my right, and moved my hands all around, under, and on top of their bellies, under their man boobs. I said "I like man boobs a lot too" He said okay, I'm an open field, explore, I'll do whatever you want, the other man nodded his head too. So, I asked him if he would lay on top of me, both of them and move all around, he said okay, so i went and laid down on the adjacent bench, the fatter man stood up and waddled over, he touched my chest, and stroked to close to my shaft. he tried to lay on me but couldnt fit because of the wall, so, I laid on the ground and he laid on me. It felt good, he started moving, and my fat and his fat meshed together and squashed and it felt amazing. Out of breath , I then got a *****, he did too. i then pushed him over, and i was on top, facing his face, I started moving all around, and our fat once again squashed and flattened out. The other man, not as fat, but still huge, came over and looked at me, i told him to get on top. So, he did, and he waddled around me and laid down, it felt so good, he must have weighed at least 350 pounds, and the man on bottom was at least 375 then and I was about 220 pounds, all just the three of us weighed almost 1,000 pounds,and it was great! All our fat together, and squashing, i could barely breath, but thats why it felt great! We all continued moving, then the man on top got off, and i got on all fours over the bottom man and played with his belly with my hands. It was the best feeling in the world! The man grabbed my pen**, I was a bit shocked at first, but okay with it. i moved forward, and raised up a bit and gave me a blow job the other man came from behind me and he began to play with my butt hole. He was about to give me anal, i said okay, he stuck it in and proceeded, the best and worst feeling in the world, it got pretty good, after a while, we all stopped and sat on the same bench, but it began to creak and make noises, so the second fattest man moved, and i asked the fatter man to sit on me, so he did, and my **** went into his hole, and i began to reach around him and play with his belly, ****, and man boobs, it was great, and jiggly, but very round and beer belly like at the same time. I loved it. Once i came again, he got up, and sat next to me, we all sat there, and a man came in and sat down. I then put on my towel and left, with a huge smile on my face. It might not have been right, but it so was worth it. Now, i'm 15 and 5'6" and weigh 238 pounds, and satisfied.
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