When I first joined the gym I didn't bother using the locker room. But now that go almost every day, I need to use it. I was suprised to notice how many guys of all ages seem to wear briefs and boxer briefs. I felt like one of the odd ones out for wearing boxer shorts. Recently I bought some boxer briefs and some briefs to try. Since I haven't worn briefs since I was a child, I was suprised by how comfortable they felt. I think boxer briefs are ok but after wearing them for a few hours they 'bunch up' at the side and end up resembling a pair of briefs. I prefer briefs when exercising AND for general wear too. My girlfriend expressed her approval of how they look aswell. And she has actually been out shopping and bought more briefs for me! She told me that the shop she got them from are selling as many mens briefs as boxer briefs these days. And the variety of colour is great too. So now in the locker room at the Gym I feel confident and actually proud to be wearing briefs. BRIEFS ARE BACK!
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1 Response Aug 22, 2014

What country/state do you live in? Seems like everyone here wears boxers or trunks here. (Montreal)