Pluses and Minuses

I am a proud person. There's no getting around that fact. My pride stems from a lot of things and there are positive and negative sides of 'em. For example, I take pride in my accomplishments and the fact that I've been able to rise above circumstances or people that would've kept me down. To me that's a positive. I also take pride in a job well done---to me, another positive. I make no apologies for whom I am--another plus. 

Nonetheless, there are a couple minuses that revolve around my pride. Probably the worst is the fact that I'm either to Proud or too scared to let anyone in (I think its a combination of both) or see me vulnerable.  I just don't....hell, I'm not even sure I'd be able to function...just thinking about it makes me anxious.

Now, I've never sat down and made a pro/con list...but I think that, as with most personality traits, there are always going to positive and negatives to each. But, that's just me. :)

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3 Responses Aug 3, 2008

I see a positive to even your negative. Because where you have pride as a con...I have plain annoying paranoia and social anxiety. I want to let people in but freak out instead like a scared ostrich.

Exactly. Its frustrating, but its also the only way I seem to be able to function at times. :/

"I'm either to Proud or too scared to let anyone in (I think its a combonation of both) or see me vulnerable. I just don't...." <br />
<br />
Oh man! I totally get that. That's me. <br />
I'm too proud to admit that I need other people, yet too scared to go to other people.