I Am Prussian.

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My bloodline has travelled very far, but I consider myself either prussian or french, because both applies.
The ancestors of my father were around germany, prussia, czech republic and russia, but settled in 'Schlesien', Silesia.
The bloodline from my mothers side is way easier to track, taking their beginning in ancient rome at the time of the sabines, then moving across the land towards france and staying there for centuries, until they were driven out as Huguenots, and fled to the Duchy of Prussia.
Both bloodlines remained in Prussia, and after Prussia was dissolved, remained in the parts of Germany that once were Prussia. (Brandenburg, Berlin...) Then they met, resulting in, well, me.
This is why I consider myself Prussian, although I have nothing against being called French or German.
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Lady :You wrote a pretty concise and for ordinary people understandable ancestry . "Plan e folks should not and are most likely not able to prove their ancestry further back with a certain amount of accuracy than their Great-great -parents (from 17th century ) unless you are aristocracy . You are by modern definition a PRUSSIAN .!!!!