Wished I Knew More About Prussia

As much as I know, my great-great grandmother was Prussian (according to some census records), but then she could have been German. I think it would be neat to learn about this ethnic group.
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Dear young Lady!Just google "Preussen's Gloria" and you get wright into the thick of things:even with Music your great-great-Grandmother would have told you about it if she would be alive today.As to Research:"Preussisches Staatsarchive,Berlin could help .Records of this sort you are asking for have been saved from the advancing Red Army.But you only can get it from Germany. Prussian- German equals California- USA in geopolitical terms.

Where did you find census records for Prussia? I have been using ancestry.com and have been getting nowhere trying to find anything on my Prussian Grandmother from Sopot on the outskirts of Danzig ( Now Gdansk)

Prussia is German. Before the 1870s, modern Germany was composed of independent kingdoms, the most dominant was Prussia which later united Germany into the German Empire. So your great great grandmother was both German and Prussian :)